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matt-likes-swords's News

Posted by matt-likes-swords - October 20th, 2017

Hey guys, I'm still working on the same thing that I'm always working on!
The world map is starting to come alive with monsters, secrets and NPCs now.

I also made a Patreon! 
For $1 a month you get access to spoiler-ific EBF5 demos that I don't want to release publicly yet, among many other perks. Check it out and see if anything looks appealing.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 8th, 2017

Hey guys, for the past few weeks I've been working on art assets for the areas in EBF5, and they're all done now!
There's some area themes in there that you'll recognize from previous games, but also a lot of cool new stuff. And with that EBF5 is around 60% done.

You can see all the concept art in the art portal, but I've also made a slideshow video of em.

In related news: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has sold over 100k units in total! (not counting bundles)
So that's overwhelmingly cool and I would not have expected it to do so well. Thanks ya'll for the support over the years.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - May 7th, 2017

I haven't made a huge amount of progress on EBF5 lately, mostly I'm just doing debugging and getting distracted by nice weather. I did make a few more videos of gameplay though, so check out my YouTube channel if you're interested in previews. I made a Discord server for EBF fans, so check it out if you want to chat with us. It's been quite active so far, with lots of people posting fanart and asking me questions.

I also posted some EBF5 code samples, for anyone who's interested in that kind of stuff.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - April 7th, 2017

EBF5 is around 54% finished, so it's far enough in development for me to show off some actual gameplay! The battle system is almost completely done now, with all of the foes, skills, and equipment programmed. Still got a bit of debugging to do, and a few more summons left.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see more preview videos!


Posted by matt-likes-swords - January 10th, 2017

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is in a Humble Bundle, so you can get it for super cheap. Or you can pay a bit more and get other good games with it, and also throw some money at charity.

You can choose which developers and charities the money goes to. I personally support Arthritis Research UK, so it would be cool if you sent some money their way.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - December 21st, 2016

Hey guys, I’m doing another big Steam key giveaway this year.
Just leave a comment on my site for a chance to win Epic Battle Fantasy 4 or Bullet Heaven 2!
(or you can also buy them discounted in the upcoming Steam Winter sale)


Posted by matt-likes-swords - December 13th, 2016

Hey peeps, I've started working on the battle system for EBF5 (which hopefully should go smoothly since a lot of it is recycled form the previous game).

I've posted all of the player animations on my website if you want some more previews.
The game's around 39% done.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting here all that much, I'll try to get back to making weekly news posts, and I'll continue to post art in the art portal.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - November 15th, 2016

I've made quite a lot of stuff for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 since I last posted about it here.

I've finished animations for the Evil Players, which will be super strong optional bosses again.
So here's a bunch of gifs. I also posted a lot of icons for the game in the art portal.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - October 31st, 2016

Ronja made some Halloween fanart of Natalie and Priestess from Sentry Knight!
I helped her animate it a bit. Happy Halloween!

Un-animated version here.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - September 16th, 2016

A few days ago I was interviewed by Simon from Berzerk Studios.
The full video is up on YouTube now: It’s 100 minutes of us talking about Flash game development.
Watch it (or just listen to it) if you want wisdom, or if you want to cringe at my social awkwardness.

Also, I'm beta testing a game called Sentry Knight Tactics.
It's a lot of fun and it's coming to Steam soon. It's a sort of mix of real-time-strategy and RPG gameplay.

You might have played some of the earlier Sentry Knight games on here.
Anyway, I know the developers and we swapped some character cameos!