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Flashplayer is Kill (but there's hope...)

Posted by matt-likes-swords - January 13th, 2021

Flashplayer is kill – Flash games will (in most cases) no longer run in browsers starting yesterday. In case you haven’t heard yet, some alternatives include BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint Infinity app (I’ve tested it, my games work on there), the Supernova plugin for Chrome, or the Pale Moon browser. I do think Flashpoint Infinity is the simplest solution though – once you set it up it’s really easy to use. I think it’s Windows-only though.

Ruffle can already play a lot of ActionScript 2 games in browsers, including Epic Battle Fantasy 1, The Kitten Game, and Mecha Dress Up Game. The games actually run much smoother than they did in Flash! Newgrounds has Ruffle enabled for games that work with it. I’m excited to see the day when Ruffle can run ActionScript 3 games – a lot more people could potentially play Epic Battle Fantasy 5 in HD without lag! If you have any spare money lying around and want to preserve Flash games, I really encourage you to donate to the project. (you can also donate your time by reporting bugs and stuff)

You’ve also got the option to buy my latest games on Steam and Itch.io, which include a lot more content than the free versions. And in a few months, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will be available to purchase too, which will include ALL of my older games with slight updates.

Anyway, here’s some EBF5 art that Ronja made. Very cool.




How long before you restore that whistle of yours into something not garbage?

The rona has ruined me; I see only one person wearing a mask.

Maybe there should be a random event mod where battles are broken up by police because it's an illegal gathering, monty python style.

Oh that is very nice

Im still using flash, because i installed admx on Chrome. And for emergency im installed PaleMoon. Well, flash is still usable, and Adobe cant stop me from using it. And its totally safe if you're not visiting garbage flash sites.

I don't have any money, how can i support?

Play games in Ruffle and report bugs!

>Supernova plugin for Chrome
Supernova sucks since it doesn't work with Firefox, and according to people who used it, they're not compatible with all the games they tried.

@PG201 >garbage
But i like anime pron and lewd games on NG!

For my part I still have Adobe Flash enabled specifically so that I can play yours and others' Flash games. One thing I'm looking forward to is getting Steam (or otherwise fully updated) versions of your stuff that will work on a Macbook Pro.

My games are never going to have "full" Mac support, but they do contain a .swf file in the installation folder that you can run on a Mac using whatever Flashplayer. Currently this is the case for EBF3 and EBF5, and soon EBF4. You'd have to buy the games on Itch.io though, since Steam won't let you download them on a Mac.

@johntfs @matt-likes-swords I already did buy EBF5 from itch.io about a year ago. I just wish I get the Steam versions. Presumably when this Mac craps out I can get them then.

Fukken 'ell I would've totally missed this solution had I not come across this post lmao
I'd be too lazy to research and just kept my flash player

Legends never DIE

Supernova plugin hmm, Pale Moon browser hmm, good to know about those too. As I rarely spend any play time outside NG I'm happy just using the NG Player for now, until Ruffle hopefully supports all, with fixes: https://sonucais.newgrounds.com/news/post/1137244

There's definitely hope! :) People banding together like never before now that Flash is supposedly neveramore!


Whoa, you're UOTD! Congrats!