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That is a lot of work put into the game; thank you kindly for this. I'll be sure to give it a spin again soon!

I appreciate your hard work in ebf games seriously ebf game takes a lot time playing and developing takes more

These new updates make the game look twice as epic to the point that it might add another epic in epic battle fantasy

Lotta improvements! Solid list. .meow files for saves huh, nice naming choice. :)

>Removed the Steam DRM
RESPECT ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Everyone liked that.
Good job guy gives you 9001 hurrays.

Love your games bro!
(And love you too)
(And Natalie OwO)

You're doing very well!

Cool stuff man. Thank you for doing this.

tus juego se volvieron unos de mis favoritos
me encantan :)

i can already see myself playing it on steam :D thanks Matt

Added your games on Steam to my wishlist. :D Will buy as soon as I get some cash. Help a brother out and give me a discount code so I don't break my wallet, so I can support you but you know... still eat? XD

I think what would be cool for EBF6 or going forward would be:

1. Team combo attacks. Like if the limit break of both Matt and Lance fill up, they can do a combo limit break attack like Lance fires a rocket, Matt jumps on the rocket, blasts the rocket into opponents face following up with a sword combo with Matt. Or NoLegs and Natalie doing a "Double Cute ~Moe~ Combo" attack, or Natalie and Anna, Lance and Anna, etc. It would be really awesome to see what kind of combos the team members can dish out when they work together. It's a few extra animations, but something you can add as a cool few extras you can unlock in the paid versions of the game. Maybe give the free versions some basic ones to get us hooked, and then give some REALLY awesome ones in the steam version.

2. Ever played Persona? Like Persona 3, 4, or 5? Like you know how you can talk to the enemies and hold them hostage and force them to give up money, talk them into joining, or letting them go? It would be hilarious if you can talk to some of the enemies, like give NoLegs abilities to talk to cats, Lance ability to talk to machines, Anna the ability to talk to forest critters, Matt ability to talk to tough but simple opponents, and Natalie to flash her titties at horny males XD.

3. More interactions with the environment. Like how you can smash pots in Zelda, how you can shoot faraway objects with bows (or farts) in South Park stick of truth/Fractured But Whole? The ability to teleport to locations with an antenna, etc. Chase around cuckoos... er chickens, and then when you molest them enough they fight back? XD

Meanwhile, do you have a patreon or something? I can dish in like 5 bucks a month if you have something like that.

lol nvm, found your patreon. Sent you a private message on patreon, basically what I wrote here. Patreon name is Edwin. :)