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matt-likes-swords's News

Posted by matt-likes-swords - 2 weeks ago

I’m heading to London for a few days to attend EGX Rezzed on Saturday.
Keep an eye out for me if you’re also attending.

Here's a bunch of EBF5 battle backgrounds I've made recently.
I'll need to make around 60 of these in total.

The game's 87% finished but it feels like there's still so much left to do...



Posted by matt-likes-swords - 1 month ago

Hey guys, if you've seen any of my rants on social media, you'll know that I’m really worried about online privacy, freedom of speech, and big tech companies like Facebook taking over the world. Lately I’ve started using Telegram for instant messaging (Desktop & Mobile) in an attempt to rely on Facebook less, and my favourite thing about it is that you can make your own sticker packs! So once I got bored of spamming Pepe the frog memes, I made two EBF packs: One is the characters in the cutout style, and the other is the character emoticons from the game.

You can get them by opening these links in Telegram:
Character pack: https://t.me/addstickers/EBF_characters
Emoticon pack: https://t.me/addstickers/EBF_emotes

Anyway, I like Telegram a lot because it reminds me of the old days of instant messaging: where you could post whatever you wanted and didn’t have to worry about some huge corporation recording all of your personal data. It’s even popular with ISIS, so it must be good for privacy!

Also before someone mentions Whatsapp: that’s also owned by Facebook.

Alright, that’s enough shilling for now. Let me know if there’s any other cool apps that can use custom sticker packs, and maybe I’ll put these on there too.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - March 8th, 2018

Hey guys, I'm working on the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 cutscene art now.
As you can see, I went with the same style as in the previous game, but have polished it up a bit.
It's nice to be working on something different for a while, the regular art gets really boring after so many years.

EBF5 is 84% finished now, and you can see some more previews on my YouTube channel.
Please subscribe if you're interested in the development of the game - I don't upload very often anyway.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - December 17th, 2017

In EBF5 development news, the overworld map is complete now!
I’ve just got two of the premium dungeons left to do. After that I’ll finish off NPCs and sidequests. 
I’ll have many more animated gifs to show off too.

There was also this big thing with Patreon changing their fees, but everyone complained enough and they ended up not doing that, so that was nice. Patreon's a nice easy target with most of their users being business-savy. Too bad it's not so easy all the time. (Good luck with your internet, Americans)


Posted by matt-likes-swords - December 3rd, 2017

Continuing on from last week's post, here's some more gifs of the areas I'm working on for Epic Battle Fantasy 5.
The world map being complete is within sight... still got a few areas to go, but I'm getting there.

Overall EBF5 is about 77% complete... after two whole years of full-time development.
I would have liked to be a bit further along by now, but at least the extra time is paying off and there's a big jump in quality over the previous games. And by some miracle EBF4 is still selling well enough to cover my living expenses... so huge thanks to everyone for that.

If I ever decide to work on a  3-year project ever again... please kill me.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - November 22nd, 2017

Here's some gifs!
The world map is more than half done now, so I've got some scenes to show off.
I'll finish this game someday, I swear.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - October 31st, 2017

Here’s a video of me making a map for EBF5, 600% sped up. The original recording was 45 minutes long. What’s not shown here is me putting in a few lines of code to make the interactive objects work, and cleaning up a few details at the end. Also I cut out the bits where I copied sprites from other maps, to avoid spoilers.
This is basically what I've been doing for most of October. 

Here's another video I made a while ago, showing off some Limit Break attacks and misc battle stuff.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - October 20th, 2017

Hey guys, I'm still working on the same thing that I'm always working on!
The world map is starting to come alive with monsters, secrets and NPCs now.

I also made a Patreon! 
For $1 a month you get access to spoiler-ific EBF5 demos that I don't want to release publicly yet, among many other perks. Check it out and see if anything looks appealing.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 8th, 2017

Hey guys, for the past few weeks I've been working on art assets for the areas in EBF5, and they're all done now!
There's some area themes in there that you'll recognize from previous games, but also a lot of cool new stuff. And with that EBF5 is around 60% done.

You can see all the concept art in the art portal, but I've also made a slideshow video of em.

In related news: Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has sold over 100k units in total! (not counting bundles)
So that's overwhelmingly cool and I would not have expected it to do so well. Thanks ya'll for the support over the years.


Posted by matt-likes-swords - May 7th, 2017

I haven't made a huge amount of progress on EBF5 lately, mostly I'm just doing debugging and getting distracted by nice weather. I did make a few more videos of gameplay though, so check out my YouTube channel if you're interested in previews. I made a Discord server for EBF fans, so check it out if you want to chat with us. It's been quite active so far, with lots of people posting fanart and asking me questions.

I also posted some EBF5 code samples, for anyone who's interested in that kind of stuff.