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matt-likes-swords's News

Posted by matt-likes-swords - September 15th, 2011

Hey guys.

I convinced my uni to let me make my platformer as my 4th year computer science project, hurray!

What does this mean for you? Hopefully nothing.
If all goes well I'll end up with the exact same game I would have otherwise.

Anyway, I plan to publish it over the Christmas holidays, whether it's finished earlier than that or not.

Giant Eye

Posted by matt-likes-swords - September 5th, 2011

It's a boss, I suppose.

Giant Bush

Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 30th, 2011

Stopped working on EBF4 for now and started something new.
Might show you some of that next week, but for now, here's some more foes:


EBF4 sucks

Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 22nd, 2011

Have some more foes...

More Idols
More Clays

Also, I've pretty much finished with the Foe Competition, got way more entries than I expected.
Thanks for the help.

Still more foes

Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 12th, 2011

I'm back from Europe and shall continue spamming pointless news posts every week as usual.

Still making monsters for my game...


Posted by matt-likes-swords - June 10th, 2011

...for 3 weeks.

Have some spells

Leaving NG

Posted by matt-likes-swords - June 1st, 2011

Still making foes...

Elemental Sprites
Undead Monolith

Here's a wee comic from Rivan...

More foes..

Posted by matt-likes-swords - May 25th, 2011

Done with exams, so doing a fair bit of Flash stuff now:

Mighty Oak
Crystal Golem
Shrooms and Cacti


Posted by matt-likes-swords - May 16th, 2011

I was gonna save this post for after my exams, but people kept asking about the competition so here's some new info...

A few months ago I started this competition where people would draw some foes and I'd pick some to include in the next Epic Battle Fantasy game. At the time I hadn't had much of the game planned out, but now I've got some rough ideas about the sort of areas and foes I'd like to include in the game. So this post is just to give people some better ideas about what I'm looking for, and to show some examples of the entries so far.

The main map areas in EBF4 will probably be:

-Haunted forest: Red leaves, graves, etc. Mostly undead and forest enemies.

-Dark Cave: Lots of darkness, rocks, crystals, and mushrooms. Cave enemies (think pokemon).

-Old Factory: Lots of robots and sewage.

-Jungle Ruins: Aztec style, mostly plant and statue enemies.

-High mountains: Mountains and clouds, some volcanic caverns. Dragons, golems etc.

-Some small snowy and desert/beach areas will be mixed in there somewhere too.

-The areas are pretty much based on what foes I end up with, so they may change.

Foes that I'm looking for now:

-Some weaker undead/creepy enemies.

-Plant enemies.

-Some new Golems/statues. Reskins of the Clays, Golems and Monoliths I've already got would be cool too.

-Flying/wind enemies. For simplicity it would be cool if they just floated somehow isntead of flapping their wings.

Some of my favourite entries so far:


Desert Gunner



Terra Cracker


Head Thrower

Requirements (very important):

-Drawings must be your own work, and be original.

-I don't mind if it's drawn traditionally or digitally, but I'll need at least one colored picture.

-It's gotta be RPG-ish. Whatever that means.

-It must not be human. Preferably not even human-shaped unless it's a golem. Mainly because of...

-They must be easy to motion tween. This means they will be animated by just moving parts around and not redrawing anything. So they shouldn't have too many movable parts. (Humans and spiders etc would require lots of parts). Hell if it only has one moving part (for example, it's a rock), I won't complain.

-Think of some attacks and properties for them. Though this isn't essential because I'll probably change a lot of them anyway.

-Think of several varieties so I can recycle the animations for several foes. For example an ice version and a fire version etc.

-They should be different from existing foe types. For example: No more turtles, or slimes etc. Unless you want it to be a re-skin of an older foe, which is okay, but it'll have to be pretty much exactly the same shape.

-The main point of the competition is to save me effort in designing foes. So the drawings should require very little redesigning effort from me. Meaning they should preferably be in a style similar to me own, and of similar complexity to the foes in EBF3 (Most of my foes aren't very complex). The entries listed above are some good examples.

-Foes that win are pretty much just the ones that I find most convenient to include in the game. I haven't got the whole game planned out, so I'm not really sure what I'll need. So if you lose it may not be your fault.


-I'd prefer if you posted your drawings on DeviantArt, because it's easier for me to keep track of them there, but you can upload them anywhere you want and just send me a link.

-Submissions from the previous competition will also be considered again.

-You can send in as many foes as you want.


-Millions of people will see your foe.

-You'll get a brief mention in the game's art gallery, and probably have your original drawing included as well, if there's enough space.


-The first winners will be announced fairly soon, but it'll probably be around 2 more months before I finish all of the foes.

EBF4 Foe Competition Update

Posted by matt-likes-swords - May 9th, 2011

Should totally be studying for exams.

Have some random items instead.