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Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is in a Humble Bundle, so you can get it for super cheap. Or you can pay a bit more and get other good games with it, and also throw some money at charity.

You can choose which developers and charities the money goes to. I personally support Arthritis Research UK, so it would be cool if you sent some money their way.


Hey guys, I’m doing another big Steam key giveaway this year.
Just leave a comment on my site for a chance to win Epic Battle Fantasy 4 or Bullet Heaven 2!
(or you can also buy them discounted in the upcoming Steam Winter sale)


Hey peeps, I've started working on the battle system for EBF5 (which hopefully should go smoothly since a lot of it is recycled form the previous game).

I've posted all of the player animations on my website if you want some more previews.
The game's around 39% done.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting here all that much, I'll try to get back to making weekly news posts, and I'll continue to post art in the art portal.


EBF5 Evil Players!

2016-11-15 10:07:41 by matt-likes-swords

I've made quite a lot of stuff for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 since I last posted about it here.

I've finished animations for the Evil Players, which will be super strong optional bosses again.
So here's a bunch of gifs. I also posted a lot of icons for the game in the art portal.


Healer Halloween!

2016-10-31 08:05:24 by matt-likes-swords

Ronja made some Halloween fanart of Natalie and Priestess from Sentry Knight!
I helped her animate it a bit. Happy Halloween!

Un-animated version here.


I talk about game dev for 100 minutes

2016-09-16 17:20:11 by matt-likes-swords

A few days ago I was interviewed by Simon from Berzerk Studios.
The full video is up on YouTube now: It’s 100 minutes of us talking about Flash game development.
Watch it (or just listen to it) if you want wisdom, or if you want to cringe at my social awkwardness.

Also, I'm beta testing a game called Sentry Knight Tactics.
It's a lot of fun and it's coming to Steam soon. It's a sort of mix of real-time-strategy and RPG gameplay.

You might have played some of the earlier Sentry Knight games on here.
Anyway, I know the developers and we swapped some character cameos!


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is live on Steam, and it’s free!
Tell all of your friends, leave a review and take some screenshots!

The soundtrack will be up as free DLC in a few days – I messed up and it’s not been approved by Valve yet.

For the most part it's the same as the web version, but there's some new options and user-interface fixes.
Here's a full list of changes.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

2016-08-12 08:57:47 by matt-likes-swords

Hey guys! I'm releasing Epic Battle Fantasy 3 on Steam for free!
It's up on Greenlight now, so please vote on it and share it!

Here's a list of the new features:
• Ads removed – except for links to EBF4 and BH2.
• Options menu with mute, fullscreen, fast forward, and window size buttons.
• Less file compression on jpegs and music.
• Steam achievements!

And here's some fixes to the gameplay:
• There’s a wave counter now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.
• Considering more if I get enough requests.

Really the game's not much different, but you won't have to play it inside a web browser anymore.


Foes, as usual

2016-07-28 14:23:31 by matt-likes-swords

Hey guys!
I'm still alive and still working away on foes for Epic Battle Fantasy 5. My art and animation improved while I was doing it, so now I'm going back and updating the older ones. Pfft. I'm happy with the art now though.

There's 148 foes in the game so far, and there's probably going to be aroung 165 in the end.


Hey guys, I’m calling off the EBF5 foe competition. I’ve got enough foes planned out now and I don’t think I’ll be needing any more from fans.

The winners were:
Haunted Mirrors - The Fallen - Voodoo Dolls - Creeps

You can browse most of the stuff submitted in this DeviantArt collection, plus a couple more in the art portal if you search with the "ebf" tag. There’s a lot of good ideas in there. Super big thanks to everyone who contributed!

In related news, EBF5 is almost 20% finished. All I've been doing is working on foe animations, and I'll still be doing that for quite a while longer. 

Here's some fanart of the Voodoo Dolls, by Lost-Pyromaniac.