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EBF4 release date!

Posted by matt-likes-swords - February 28th, 2013

Update: EBF4 will be up on Newgrounds next Monday!

Hoping to have EBF4 up on Kongregate on Monday or Tuesday, and soon after that on Newgrounds if nothing goes wrong.


EBF4 release date!

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When can we purchase the Premium version?

Newgrounds' API doesn't do transactions, so you'd have to buy it on Kongregate or Armor Games, or eventually on Steam.

"If noting goes wrong, maybe"?

Come on, don't sell us out for Kongregate.

I kind of did that years ago...

YES! been waiting for this for more than a year! thank you!

coul anyone tell me what are going to be the difference of the free and the premium version?

Here's a screenshot to explain it: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f /2013/059/3/3/premium_items_list_

Don't release it until the summer.
I still need to pass this semester first.

Looks like my days are going to be busy when its up! o:

Its this some kind of pet sistem or something?

Wait wait wait....so we CAN'T replay the game after we beat it like in EBF3?

Nope, sorry.

what's the difference between the free and the premium version? ur screenshot link doesn't work

Newgrounds doesn't like links in the comments... just remove the space.

i dreamed with that

Wow so soon? :D


While I'm glad that you'll be making some money off of it, I think that you're kind of driving away a potential audience by charging for extra quests beyond the first one. I don't object to your decision to charge for extra equips, abilities, and summons, but for another play-through it's kind of ridiculous to pay for (unless you put it in an arcade cabinet; then it wouldn't be that silly).

I'm not against your decision to do this. It's obviously something that you set your mind to and I respect it. It's just something you should probably think about.

If they've already finished the game, then they're not really "potential" audience...

Yay yay yay!! I've been every day in hopes you would post a release date, but I never thought it would be so soon. Considering the polish and fun of EBF3, there's no way in hell I'm not picking up some version of the premium. I'll probably need to wait for Steam, since I can't stand playing it via Armorgames and might not be able to tolerate Kong ether.

Yay! You just made me into a happy camper!

If we buy premium version on, say, Steam, does it "unlock" same stuff on NG/Kong/etc?

Why'd you sell out to Kong? :(

Yay EBF4!! Time for my brain to melt from sheer awesome!! (That is, if I can get it back together after Antichamber blew it into a million pieces with all of it's mind screws....)

1) Yeah, it'll be the same stuff.
2) Cause they pay me well!

Well as amazing as the series has been so far, and as much as I love free games, I suppose it is only fair to offer some support for such amazing games right? Though any idea how much longer Steam users will have to wait though compared to the game sites? I find games run so much smoother when not required to run on game sites, and I'm sure alot of people would rather pay through steam and such and get a standalone(ish) copy of the game as opposed to the game site versions. :3

A few months probably. I'm not really in a hurry to get it on Steam, and it needs some groundswell first.

Sweet! And top screenshot, is that Ash's hat or Quote's hat from Cave Story? Either way, can't wait to nab it!

so is all the stuff from the beta gonna be accessible or for some of it we will have to pay?

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