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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is 60% off for the Steam Winter Sale!

In other news, I've just been playing Smash Bros WiiU since it came out. Sorry.
Oh, and here's some fanart I found on Pixiv:


BH2 Levels

2014-11-22 13:26:09 by matt-likes-swords

Almost finished half of the levels!

There’s gonna be 50 levels this time, plus an extra 10 endless-survival levels. Probably.



2014-10-18 20:49:57 by matt-likes-swords

Added backgrounds! BH2 is finally starting to look somewhat finished! (even though there's still a lot left to do)
You can see a preview of all 50 backgrounds here.

I'll be releasing the boss demo soon, and after that I'll be buying a WiiU and catching up on tons of games. You probably won't see me for a while once that happens. :P


EBF4 50% off & Sm4sh

2014-10-07 14:40:17 by matt-likes-swords

Hey guys, EBF4 is 50% off this week on Steam!

I’ve been playing Smash 4 non-stop since it came out.
My 3DS friend code is 3823-8704-3642, so add me if you want.
My friend list is almost full but I can still add a few more people.


Spiders and Gods

2014-09-30 14:36:18 by matt-likes-swords

Almost finished with boss number 9. I’m gonna leave the final boss for later.
After this I’ll start polishing off some unfinished features and get the boss demo ready!

I reckon BH2 is almost 50% finished... so still a lot to do. D:


Tanks and Wasps.

2014-09-12 19:17:18 by matt-likes-swords

7 bosses done! The last ones left are the hardest, so I'm gonna go all-out on those!


Been working on programming the bosses. Got 5 done so far. Each boss will have a total of 12 attack patterns, 3 being optional bonuses for those who get a good rank in the level.

There's a lot more screenshots on my website.


BH2: Even more bosses!

2014-08-28 19:09:14 by matt-likes-swords

I'm still working on bosses for Bullet Heaven 2. Drawn 9 so far, and 4 are fully programmed and animated.
Not sure what the final boss is going to be yet!877736_140926687581_spider.png877736_140926692173_godly.png

Released a new BH2 demo! Tell me what you think of the game so far.


BH2: Foes Finished!

2014-08-07 15:41:42 by matt-likes-swords

That’s me finished all of the non-boss foes! 146 foes in total, plus 22 foe-ish entities!
Next up: Polishing off a few things and releasing a foe demo, so you can see them all in action.