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RIP Kongregate

Posted by matt-likes-swords - July 2nd, 2020

Hey guys, it’s the end of an era.

Kongregate.com is going into archive mode and no longer accepting new games. A lot of the main staff already left a while ago, but there was still some really good web games being published there, so I’m a bit surprised that it’s no longer working out for them. They were even doing the monthly cash prizes for games up until the end, which I appreciate. I guess now they’re gonna be focusing on publishing mobile games, and on their store, Kartridge.

When I published Epic Battle Fantasy 3 on Kongregate 10 years ago, it got a million plays in the first week, and eventually 11 million in total. I think that was the biggest long-term boost to my reputation and career. The people at Kongregate were a lot of fun to work with, especially Greg the badge guy, and I don’t think any indie game platform today has anywhere near the same influence. I’m glad I published Epic Battle Fantasy 5 on there while I still could – it’ll be one of the last games to ever get badges!


Personally, I’m gonna keep checking the site every once in a while. There’s still lots of fun badges that I’ve missed. Even when the Flashplayer plugin is disabled, there’s still browser extensions to get around that.

A lot of the popular Flash games I’m sure will eventually make their way onto other platforms like Steam, but there’s also preservation projects like BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint to keep these games alive.

Anyway, you should go have a browse through Kongregate’s badge categories. I’m sure you’ll find something fun to play every time you have an hour or two to spare. This news also motivates me to be more active on Newgrounds, as I'd really love for this website to stay alive for as long as possible!



Comments (21)

No one is eternal. That's sad but true.

So fucking sad.

I can't believe it, didn't expect this to happen so soon

Same. I guess HTML5 never saved web gaming after all.

oh well still we have NG and Armor Games :) so its all good

*suicide is painless plays*

Everything good comes to an end ;-;

god dammit I never realized we were this close to the flash browser purge thing, I´m glad there´s already a bunch of ways around it but actual flash games are gonna become a super niche thing.


For some reason I never really got into Kongregate. But I remember that Greg was a great guy to work with.

That's rough. But I'm glad they are taking the necessary steps to at least keep the site alive in an archived mode. Plenty of other sites have simply poofed out of existence!

@Wiesi I agree, Greg was the heart of a good experience for me with Kongregate.

All these moments, like tears in the rain...

Borealis theme plays

Wut! I just uploaded a game there 2 weeks ago... So strange...

Whelp, my games never got any badges there. When my games were popular on the internet, they were bombed on Kong. And the people were nastier than here...

Let's be honest, it was a site only for minimal effort idle games recently. Hardly curated content. Not like NG or Armor Games. As a new player on web I'd be put off by the games on Kong these days.
People aren't uploading their Epic Battle Fantasy or their Sonny.
They're uploading My-First-Idle-Made-In-Two-Days...

Still, I'm going to miss that site. Very influential. A starting point for many careers. Fun place. I remember how enjoyable it was to hang there in 2008. The very reason I started making games was that you could win prizes with a small good game. Winning $500 for a teenager is a lifechanging event. I'm a bit sad I won't ever be able to get the monthly 1st prize there. :(
Man, in 2010 we thought we were kings and the good times would never end...

F to pay respects

Difficult to work on this scrap heap I've got it may have been but that IS where I really got into your EBF series....

Aw fuck... I really liked Kongr

Really going to miss elona shooter by noanoa definitely one of my favorite games from that site...

Lets type F in the chat.

Dang, that's a real shame. Kongregate was also where I found out about EBF in general, too. Kinda forgot about the Kong version after I got the Steam version, but seeing you mention Kong made all these old memories rush back.

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