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Comments (16)

Holy sh#t!

A new EBF game!? Here!?

Oh wow! It's been a really long time since I played your games....


Yup, and it's got 30 hours of free content!

Nice I love those games! :D
Also, must be a firewall issue on your part because links seem to open just fine for me.

Cool, that's good to know! I'll see if I can change my settings...

Oh weird, NG Player shouldn't be doing anything to prevent links from working so wonder what's up there. API connections for medals will work, at least!

Also do you have NG Player enabled under your account options? If you don't the browser should still try to embed the SWF file... We should probably be guiding plugin users better right now with how to enable the plugin but have been focused more at what things will be like after Flash is completely removed this year.

Sounds like my computer firewall might be blocking the links - I just upgraded to Windows 10.

It's cool that users have both options! Looks like things should go smoothly, and I'll probably launch the game here next week too.

I didn't even know you were still around

I didn't even know you were still around

I didn't even know you were still around

I didn't even know you were still around

Finally. but i gotta know, how can you deal 10mil dmg?

Use all the status effects!

Picked it up on steam when it came out - But it's still amazing that after all this time you still publish it on the OG sites!! Kind of wish i could afford to buy it again lmaoo

Yes! I've been waiting for this!

@Toymare Status effects, Stagger, multipliers, equipment that boosts stat debuffs, you got to use all of that, also there's a question that you let you have three different slimes that have a battle with three each and they all have one point away from 10 million HP.
So use them as your punching bags.

Wow, EBF5 on Newgrounds? That's very generous of you

You're honestly amazing to do this for us. Thank you very much.

Nice! :D Feels like it's been a while since the last news post too, guess you've been pretty busy with all final touches here...

As has been said a few times already it should work fine via NG, medals too, and Mike is working on actual built-in Flash emulation as well, should Adobe's player stop working: https://ruffle.rs/

Seemed like a dark time for the medium for a while there but 2020's looking pretty bright. :) Kongregrate's got things covered too huh...

I guess I have to take the week off of work sick..

What a surprise, I was planning to pick this up on Steam at some point in time as a thank you for all the solid joy your past EBF and spin-off titles have given me over the years.

Are the differences between this free version and the Deluxe Steam one the same as with EBF4 namely just more of everything you can think of (bosses, areas, items, skills, quests etc....)?

Will this be the final mainline title in the series? While I wouldn't dislike a EBF6 or beyond , personally, I do have a worry that as amazing this "franchise" is, having too much of it is a bad thing without substantial differences between installments (e.g. you could argue EBF3 and 4 are very much identical).

What are your future plans for Matt 'n' co? Can we expect more spinoff titles like Bullet Heaven and Epic Adventure Story?