Entry #226

I talk about game dev for 100 minutes

2016-09-16 17:20:11 by matt-likes-swords

A few days ago I was interviewed by Simon from Berzerk Studios.
The full video is up on YouTube now: It’s 100 minutes of us talking about Flash game development.
Watch it (or just listen to it) if you want wisdom, or if you want to cringe at my social awkwardness.

Also, I'm beta testing a game called Sentry Knight Tactics.
It's a lot of fun and it's coming to Steam soon. It's a sort of mix of real-time-strategy and RPG gameplay.

You might have played some of the earlier Sentry Knight games on here.
Anyway, I know the developers and we swapped some character cameos!



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2016-09-16 17:37:33

your a lucky guy !


2016-09-16 18:41:54

This seems like as good a place as any. Somewhat unrelated to the topic at hand, but, something I've wanted to say.

Throughout my years on Newgrounds, you've been one of the biggest influences, on my philosophies on RPGs. Epic Battle Fantasy 3 influenced me just as much as classics such as FF7, or Earthbound. In my eyes, you're one of the best creators to ever grace Newgrounds. I've spent many hours playing it, from childhood to my time on Steam.

Even though you've been Steam published, you still publish on Newgrounds, which makes me so genuinely happy. On this website, lacking... as much mainstream acclaim as in the years past, it makes me so happy to see one of their best creators still, well, creating. Especially porting their Steam games to this medium, to allow the cheaper/poorer fans to enjoy them.

So, yeah. I really appreciate you, and your continued influences both on Newgrounds, and on my personal gaming philosophies. Keep creating, hope to see you here for as long as you're willing to be.

... And, after that brick, time to watch the episode.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Thanks! I probably won't stop posting games on Newgrounds until Flash on the web is totally 100% killed off.


2016-09-16 19:47:16

nice interview Matt glad to hear it good luck :D


2016-09-16 21:45:08

I know this is a strange question, but how do you feel about Action RPGs? For instance, Xenoblade, Tales of, or Star Ocean?
I kinda always wondered how Epic Battle Fantasy would be with a system like Tales of Phantasia and I'd like to know your thoughts.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I haven't played any of those.


2016-09-17 03:51:49

I'm excited for Sentry Knight, Tyler is an awesome guy. Didn't know you were beta testing?

matt-likes-swords responds:

That's your fish-guy in the town right?


2016-09-17 05:25:49

Social awkwardness is kind of subjective tho, i mean for someone who developes games as awesome as EBF pretty much solo (I find it funny that he calls you a one man army, cause that's exactly what i said at your previous post :D) I wouldn't have been surprised if you did way worse, however i was truly surprised at how well you actually did, can't get much less awkward than this actually. Also if you weren't like dat, the games weren't this awesome, right?

To be fair, from all the ppl I know you are a nine out of ten when it comes to NOT being socially awkward... not even I match that in my own damn rating. Let's face it the world is screwed up, so let's just try our best at being the best self we can be, and those who make fun of it: Who's socially awkward here, huh?


2016-09-17 06:59:30

That interview was quite wonderful. It's cool to see the face behind all these wonderful games. Your take on free steam games as a form of self-promotion is quite nicely thought out. Especially when you brought up the Basement Collection it really made a lot of sense!


2016-09-17 07:37:23

Ahaha, yes that's Kon alright.


2016-09-18 00:38:46

I'll check it out, homeboy


2016-09-18 00:49:05

Pretty good interview!
It's quite refreshing to hear your take on free web games in general as a valid and strategic way to start on gamedev, even in today's environment.
Personally I began working on a game not too long ago, and joined a few local communities, where a common theme is that free web games is a suboptimal use of resouces, which could be true for a stablished studio, but going through Newgrounds I know that's far from a rule. I smell too much of an urge to get a 'hit' when there's not that much experience to begin with, so it's great to see a bit of contrast.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Heh, even today it's still very possible to get 100K+ plays on web games, maybe that's much less than it used to be, but it's probably much easier than finding an audience anywhere else.