Entry #223

Foes, as usual

2016-07-28 14:23:31 by matt-likes-swords

Hey guys!
I'm still alive and still working away on foes for Epic Battle Fantasy 5. My art and animation improved while I was doing it, so now I'm going back and updating the older ones. Pfft. I'm happy with the art now though.

There's 148 foes in the game so far, and there's probably going to be aroung 165 in the end.



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2016-07-28 18:50:02

Insanely cute as usual! :D
I'm glad you decided to go with softer shadows on those puddings!


2016-07-29 04:14:09

I really like this kind of hands enemies


2016-07-29 05:02:40

Nice! More sorts of idols, Chocolate and Icecream Slimes, pretty awesome if you ask me. If those hands taunt you by showing you a certain finger, too that would be the icing on the cake of awesome... but I'm you already thought about something like that, i mean the skeleton hand also makes a gesture right there.
Uhm,,, so do you think the game will be available this year already?
Not to be impatient or anything and waiting for this is definitely worth while, but your progress is astonishing!!!

matt-likes-swords responds:



2016-07-29 13:48:11

nice cant wait for it to go on steam :D


2016-08-04 04:09:25

Oh well, just another thing I'll love 2017 for.


2016-08-05 03:48:16

Just the way we all remembered it. Love the art style :)


2016-08-05 08:46:08

So I randomly decided to go and check up Matt's blog to see if there's anything new he's working on (haven't checked in years), surely he's not working on a new game and EBF4 was last in the series, right?

Oh, how was I wrong. New art looks really amazing and these teaser spoilers are killing me! Can't get enough of more EBF.. Thank you for making this and good luck!

One of my favorite parts of your games was also the music, will you also be doing collaboration with Halcyon this time around?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, I'm still working with HFX.


2016-08-10 04:48:49

Thanks for replying Matt I know you're extremely busy and this is not entirely connected to the game or your blog post but since we were already mentioning HFX I was just listening to song "Alan Walker - Burn" on youtube (it's one of his older tracks before he got popular with Faded) *for some reason* it reminds me very much on HFX music and EBF, it's very similiar style.. I thought maybe you guys would like to hear it and get some inspiration flowing. It's just I really always liked combination of your game design and HFX music that fitted so well it really gave character to the series, and this reminds me of it.