Entry #188

BH2: Boss Pattern Previews

2014-09-05 08:53:52 by matt-likes-swords

Been working on programming the bosses. Got 5 done so far. Each boss will have a total of 12 attack patterns, 3 being optional bonuses for those who get a good rank in the level.

There's a lot more screenshots on my website.



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2014-09-05 09:13:09

Oh man that looks amazing. I wanna play this so bad now.


2014-09-05 09:49:51

Pretty cool :D


2014-09-05 10:28:25

those are some pretty sweet attack patterns. the last one looks really fun :)


2014-09-05 10:51:38

This already looks bad. (me trying to dodge the attacks, not the game) I can't even complete touhou 8 on normal without continues, which means I can't get the true ending. When I play this, it will not go well...


2014-09-05 16:30:52

umm, overkill much? yikes.


2014-09-05 16:50:16

Wowy! I love the look of those blue diamond bullets. Is this all running 60fps in full screen for you?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yup! 1080p, 60fps, no problem.

Though I don't expect everyone to be able to run it with max settings, so I'll be adding a lot of helpful quality settings.


2014-09-05 19:35:14

There's no kill like overkill
This looks awesome!


2014-09-05 23:17:09

They should be checked


2014-09-06 00:34:52

Very nice looking patterns. I assume this is the heavenly difficulty that you're showing off, because I, for one, will most definately lose to insane patterns like this!

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yup, this is the hardest difficulty by far.


2014-09-06 03:13:04

''3 being optional bonuses for those who get a good rank in the level.''

This is game design done right.
I think alot of game dev could use your teachings.
*cough* Fromsoftware *Cough*


2014-09-08 18:35:29

What is percentage on Bullet Heaven 2?