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New Bosses for EBF4!

2013-10-24 22:14:13 by matt-likes-swords

Since EBF4 is likely to be Greenlit on Steam in the next batch, I've started working on new content.
I've started off with harder versions of the bosses, here's the first two:
Armored Oak
Praetorian MkII

And as always, please vote on Greenlight if you haven't yet.
EBF4 is currently at number 12, but it was at number 5 before, meaning that a lot of games are overtaking it. So more votes would always help!

New Bosses for EBF4!


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2013-10-24 23:13:24

Really cool, must ah sat there playing around with the demo versions of the bosses for like 15 minutes haha


2013-10-24 23:48:52

if that


2013-10-25 00:16:34

Looks like I have a bigger reason to buy this when it comes out on Steam.
Though the Praetorian was a pain in the ass normal. So you're telling me it's going to be HARDER!?

Also where would you encounter these bosses? Would it be like "Oh hey you finished the game so now you can go back through and there'll be newer harder bosses where the old ones once were" or would they be on their own thing off away from the regular map?

matt-likes-swords responds:

I'm thinking of making a new area full of optional battles, where the monsters are always at the same level as you, so you can fight them whenever you want to.


2013-10-25 00:31:58

That'd be pretty interesting.
Have you ever played Kingdom Hearts 1? If so you could set up the area for the extra bosses like the "World Terminus".
If you haven't played it what happens is you start off at one little "room" thing thats completely open and in the middle theres a beam of light and when you enter theres a hallway and a room where you fight some enemies and probably pick up a few items. After you finish whatever room you went into and exit you're at another section and you do the same thing for however many places there are to visit. Then at the end there is a actual big boss.
So you could sorta set it up like you enter a room and there are parts all around the outside that teleport you to different rooms which have a hall where you can get a chest or two and they lead up to a boss at the end and when you beat said boss it takes you back to the room you were just at. And then after beating all the bosses you can access a slightly stronger version of the final boss there.
But it's your game you can decide what you wanna do with it.


2013-10-25 04:43:00

I Think the harder versions of the bosses will be awesome! Can't to fight them on epic difficulty, are you gonna put bosses like undead goku as a boss? that'd be a cool fight


2013-10-25 09:45:30

1) The claw of the praetorian has a bug with the laser sound when it's shooting the laser: the laser sound pans from right to left, then back from left to right. I think it should instead pan from the middle to the left and never come back.
2) I kinda want the Preatorian's death animation to be the same as in Brawl Royale or the first EBF. Meaning it should get sliced up, and the current version is.. cheaper than that one.
Also, when there is a small red circle that falls off from Praetorian when it falls, and it bounces to the left along with the sword, but it looks weird when it gets pushed from the explosion. I think neither the sword nor the small circle should get pushed from the explosion, because at least that will look better, if not realistically.
3) When Praetorian is shooting the laser, something is wrong with sound pan again... maybe my earphones are broken?..
4) The swings which the Armored Oak makes leaves trails that look very cheap and ugly. Ineffective. It would be much better if you remove them and just not draw the swing trails.


2013-10-25 11:46:46

Hey, the game Bullet Heaven is awesome! But the two final bonus levels is too hard.


2013-10-25 21:00:07

That two more hard,but i can beat the crap of those two >:3


2013-10-25 23:12:39

More looks like a Mechanical Mighty Oak lol What do you think Matt?


2013-10-26 01:44:51

Boss Rash mode pliz. :D


2013-10-27 10:20:38

Question: When/if the steam thing comes out, will we be able to import our previous save file on flash into steam?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Not sure, but hopefully.


2013-10-28 19:51:28

HEY Matt. I sent you a Private Message. Click the yellow link next to your username that looks like an envelope that is on the top of the site to see it. On it you will see my idea for a new character, named Kaizo.


2013-10-29 13:38:33

I'm happy for you, Matt! Are you excited? Ready to rake in all that delicious steam money?


2013-10-29 14:42:25

A new character: Kaizo.
Now, they are 5.


2013-10-30 05:08:32

Congrats, Matt! I'll be sure to have all my steam friends vote you up to keep EBF4 in the top tier!

Also, if you're planning on putting additional enemies and bosses in the upgraded version, will there also be additional armor, weapons, etc to go along with it? And will the new version be separately uploaded on NG, or will it overwrite the current version?