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Mochi London, Starling, Greenlight...

2013-09-27 13:07:06 by matt-likes-swords

Last weekend I attended and spoke at a Flash game developer meetup hosted by Mochi.
Here's a blog about the event and my trip to London in general.

I've started playing around with Starling to get hardware acceleration on mobile games. The aim is to get Cat Cafe running at 60fps, and to perhaps make games like Bullet Heaven 2 feasible on mobile platforms. Here's some crappy tests I did.

Here's another update about Greenlight: EBF4 is at number 45, so a few more batches should do it. You should still go vote though.

I collected a lot of business cards in London, so I'm trying to design my own now. Here's what I've got so far:

Mochi London, Starling, Greenlight...


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2013-09-27 13:30:04

I'm a sucker for the paper art, So far I'd say number 3 :D


2013-09-27 13:53:23

We can play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 right here for free, is there going to be anything different about the Steam Version? Is it going to be free for example?

matt-likes-swords responds:

The Greenlight page has a full list of features.

Basically, it includes the premium content, has some completely new content, and isn't stuck with the limitations of web browsers.


2013-09-27 13:55:58

Either way I'm still recommmending it for Steam.


2013-09-27 14:04:36

The first and third one are my picks. Tho i think the third one, you could have the other side be white, instead of the textured light green background. I think having the little character in there ties both sides together without just repeating themes.

Coincidentally, in the first one, i think you do need to introduce something on the white side that hints at the motif on the visual side. So maybe the checkerboard peeks in across the top? like a quarter-inch eyebrow of sorts. Or maybe its more subtle and you use diamond shaped bullet points? game developer <> kupo games for example.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I'll probably change the font on the first one, to the cartoony font on the second one. :P


2013-09-27 14:15:51

Business cards:
I think the first one is the most professional and normal.
The second is somewhat coffee-themed, but it looks better than everything else.
Third & Fourth have the characters occupy too little space and being too small.
So I think it's one of the two cat ones.


2013-09-27 14:35:02

Dont you think that using Zelda-style is a bit of unoriginal?


2013-09-27 14:41:37

Good luck with getting greenlighted on steam.


2013-09-27 14:52:57

you should totally make a business card with Lance on it, but not in that papery zelda style like youve got matt and anna in


2013-09-27 17:47:49

The starling tests were running at around 26FPS for me.

Make sure to do performance tests on a tablet/phone before designing anything, too. I thought my computer would be pretty crappy in comparison because tablets are 7 years newer, but I still only got about 1/4th the performance doing my own tests.

Starling is kinda slow, though. You might be better off making your own system so you can optimize it more if you wanna do something like Bullet Heaven. I've got about 1000 objects running smoothly on an older tablet at this point with a custom Stage3D setup.

I dunno, though, I was kinda disappointed by stage3D all around. I was thinking we could to millions of triangles on a graphics card, not a measly 2k, lol.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I actually got pretty good performance on my Galaxy Note 2 for those tests.
I'm not looking to do anything too fancy just now; I'll be happy as long as I manage to get relatively simple Flash games running at 60fps, which is proving to be pretty hard without Starling.


2013-09-27 21:49:56

Yeah, that's true. Well, as all the smart programmers say, "if it runs, it works." XD


2013-09-27 22:08:55

Damn I love those business cards!!!


2013-09-27 22:26:23

Geez, I love them all!
But I think I'm gravitating more toward the second one (I like the fact you have Kupo Games next to the art- and I'm liking the font!) and the third one (I prefer the positioning of the text more-so than the last). But regardless of what you choose, they're all fantastic!


2013-09-27 22:41:07

What if you would make Hentai


2013-09-28 04:35:34

Hope you'll add some more content than in the Kong premium version, cause I guess it'll cost slightly more. Anyways, I love your work so I didn't hesitate. Keep it up Matt!


2013-09-28 20:07:42

Cat Cafe is getting closer on Mobile devices? Cause im getting a droid pretty damn soon


2013-10-01 09:05:25

Haven't been following the progress lately, but I'm glad to hear the game's rising in the rankings. Also, the two bottom business cards are definite favorites. Great textures.