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EBF4 Greenlight Update

2013-09-13 16:08:24 by matt-likes-swords

So it looks like Steam have increased their game throughput for Greenlight.
Apparently they've recently Greenlit a batch of 100 games, which is a lot more than they usually do.

I had pretty much given up on Epic Battle Fantasy 4 getting through Greenlight, but after seeing this, it might still have a chance. Previously the game was no where near the top 100, but now it's at number 70!

So if you know anyone who still hasn't voted and might enjoy the game: get them to vote here! EBF4 currently has 13,453 yes votes. Boost that by 50%, and that should be enough to get it through!

The Steam version of EBF4 will include a new battle area, with stronger versions of bosses, long endurance/survival battles, and some bosses returning from the previous games. New equipment and achievements will be awarded for completing these challenges.

The Steam version will also include all premium content available in the web version, and will not suffer from the restrictions of web browser games; It'll have fullscreen support, no ads, no audio compression, and it won't need an internet connection!

It'll probably cost around $10, but that's not completely up to me.

If you've somehow stumbled upon this post and don't know what EBF4 is, watch this trailer:

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2013-09-13 17:23:02

This gonna be a good game.


2013-09-13 17:28:35

I voted YES even though I was never that big of a fan of the series ( not that they're bad, just my personal preference ) , good luck to you!


2013-09-13 17:31:40

We'll see. Eventually it will reach the required amount of votes. Until then, it's AIR development all the way. Aaaaaand then you'll get rich enough to found your own company!..


2013-09-13 18:12:23

WOO HOO! I went on every PC in my house and put...



2013-09-13 18:18:58

dude you're voice sounds almost like steve blums which is awesome and i love this series i hope it goes through


2013-09-13 21:12:26

Gave you a vote.

Good luck!


2013-09-13 22:20:41

I would play that if I had the time

but I still am not done with my work


2013-09-13 23:21:21

I would love to play your games but I don't have adobe flash. Sorry man.


2013-09-14 01:14:59

Nice! I figured the recent blast of 100 hopped you up into the top 100, since it took me from 44% to 66% in one day.

I only have ~8k yes votes for Super Chibi Knight atm, so my row is still a long one to hoe, but I'm pumped for you to MAKE THE LEAP :-D

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, I was around 67% and jumped to #71.
Good luck!


2013-09-14 04:06:16

I'd totally throw my money to the computer screen and bear your children. Even if I'm a dude.


2013-09-14 21:54:14

I have enjoy your magic since 2008. I clicked yes. Good luck.


2013-09-16 15:54:31

I seriously hope this gets through. I'll be buying if it does.


2013-09-20 13:20:08

Hey Matt, I was wondering that if in the future you might let Matt have a "drunken sword style" move if you ever fed him too much beer? It would be SO AWESOME if you let us see Matt's drunken rage. XD

I was watching Naruto *cough* again *cough* lately and got that idea when Rock Lee drank that Sake.

And the move could be like this:

Strengths of drunken sword:
1. Completely unpredictable
2. HIGH power and HIGH damage and unpredictable speed (can attack multiple times a turn)

Weakness of the drunken sword:
1. Completely unpredictabe - it's a double edged sword. Because he's drunk, he has weaker control of locomotion and sometimes he's prone to missing and attacks allies (and sometimes he fails to catch items).
2. Hangover after the drunken sword is done. XD


2013-09-20 17:16:51

Will be and Epic Battle Fantasy 5?


2013-09-21 19:56:11

;( you have to pay on steam. Why not post it on here?


2013-09-25 14:58:54

Matt, I've gotta say you're really pushing the boundary between games that are free and games that are paid for. This is easily on another level from games like Pacman or Angry Birds, and stands next to Trine or Fable in my eyes. You deserve to earn money for your work.