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Looking into mobile games

2013-07-19 14:25:30 by matt-likes-swords

I just got back from Sweden and have been doing research on mobile games.

I'm interested to hear from any developers who have tried developing mobile games or even just porting their Flash games.
I'm also interested to hear what your favourite mobile games are, so I can check them out.

Oh, and I'm still working on my new website a lot. It's got custom emoticons and a mailing list now! I'm also hosting a few of my games to find out what "unlimited bandwidth" means.

Looking into mobile games


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2013-07-19 15:15:05



2013-07-19 15:42:53

one that I liked for the android was inotia 3, if you could make something like that, id get it


2013-07-19 16:18:51

I liked touch detective for android. I would like to see a mobile game that makes having a controller mandatory kinda like ape escape made the dual analogue stick mandatory. Touch screen only controls seem to be suited to games like visual novels and simulation games.


2013-07-19 17:11:02

I recently made a game for Android called Merdermaid. It used Flashpunk and Flashdevelop so I can't say how well flash professional would port over. Though it might be the engine, I had to scale the game up to get it to run decently, but once I did it stayed at 30 consitantly.
Ask Kenney, he makes mobile games with flash professional.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Played it for a while, it's a pretty fun game!
The controls work quite well, except that my thumb makes it hard to see a lot of the enemies...


2013-07-19 18:20:39

Bullet Heaven 2 coming to a mobile near you? xD

matt-likes-swords responds:

Bullet hell aint a popular enough genre!


2013-07-19 18:25:57

I'm Willing to bet there's gonna be a EBF mobile game?


2013-07-19 19:00:51

Here is something you can use to convert flash to html5 http://www.createjs.com/#!/CreateJS


2013-07-19 19:07:00

Cool! Thanks for playing it man!
Yeah. I was testing on a big screen so I couldn't tell.
Though it's better than a virtual gamepad or whatever.
It's actually somewhat of the spiritual successor to a game jam game I made called "They Came From Nam".
I thought it would be appropriate because a major problem with most space shooters on mobile is they move on the x and y axis so your thumb covers your character, or, if it doesn't directly follow your thumb, your thumb will go offscreen before your character.
With it following your thumb vertically only you can keep your thumb to the left of the character and being able to tap anywhere on the right to fire so you can avoid important stuff.
So my advice to you is to make controls specifically designed for the device.
Extra Credits on youtube put it "popular games have controls based on real human motions".
Oh, and games that can't be beaten and take 5 minutes to play.
Also, about 90% of the ports of PC games I've gotten through the humble bundles were horrible/barely playable because of the controls.
PC and touch are like 2 different worlds.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I've got a phone with a stylus, so that's useful for movement in some shooters. But I can imagine that using a finger for those would be annoying.

All of your points sound about right, based on what I've seen so far.


2013-07-19 23:09:39

Im surprised you're going to develop games for mobile devices now, I even remember a while back on Facebook that you got annoyed for people asking you if you're gonna put your game on mobile devices. I'm pretty sure you've answered this before, but why the big interest on going mobile?

Oh and BTW, here are some games (ones that I have on my iPod that is) that went on mobile devices, but you can also play these games here on Newgrounds: Impossible Quiz, Crush the Castle, Doodle God, Sushi Cat, Bloons TD, Bloons TD4, Rebuild, and Infectonator.

You can check in with the developers of these games (if possible) and see what they know about putting flash games on mobile devices! :D

matt-likes-swords responds:

I was naive back then! Mobiles are more popular than PCs now.

Thanks for that list.


2013-07-20 02:30:40

Will you make more regular flash animations


2013-07-20 02:41:01

It sounds like, to me, that you haven't given up on Flash just yet. And I hope you don't, at least not yet. Just as I hope you haven't gotten sick of EBF yet. As a hardcore fan, I'd be upset never to see the characters again. I've already bookmarked kupogames and discovered the Mecha Dress Up through it. I didn't know about that one.
It was a load of fun, especially since I love machine, magitechnology, and steampunk monsters in... everything, so this was a ton of fun to play with. My only possible complaint with it was that I couldn't DO anything with the bot once I made it. Maybe a possible game in the fuuutuuure? Each of the bajillion parts giving stat boosts, various skills and abilities, and you pit your bot against NPC or other players' bots. Would seem like a ton of fun to me...
But I digress, I support your work, even if I have no money to donate to your cause.


2013-07-20 06:04:05

Give up on Flash, pick up Unity or learn C#, branch out into anything that makes you more useful in more people, in more software, so that you'll be ready for changes in the future.
Or find someone who's already good at that, and collaborate with them just doing art while you find your feet in this new stuff.
Don't dedicate everything to mobile, it's like sinking all your time and money into a lottery ticket- Especially if you're not really experienced in the business and monetization side of games; you cannot just wing it.

Plan something really small that you'll definitely finish.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
Dead Ahead

matt-likes-swords responds:



2013-07-20 06:57:42

Super Hexagon.


2013-07-20 09:32:45

try the peacekeeper


2013-07-20 10:07:29

The simple fact that mobile games are more popular makes hundreds and hundreds of them come everyday to the App Store; only those who can afford publicity, such as big companies like Zynga or Gamesoft, will make big money out of it. As I-Smel put it, it's like sinking everything into a lottery ticket; you may get money, but there's an extremely big chance that you will get nothing or very few. I'd suggest to follow I-smel's suggestion, it would be exactly what I would do (and in some way I'm doing right now).


2013-07-20 16:35:26

My favourite one is Blood Brothers it's a pretty fun game


2013-07-20 21:10:15

You shoud try Punch Quest or Rise of the Blobs.


2013-07-21 21:18:56

Try Jetpack Joyride


2013-07-25 22:16:37

What is your opinion on Torque 2D its free and open source under MIT http://www.garagegames.com/community/blogs/vie w/22321
Its one of the most powerful if not the most powerful 2d game engine.