Entry #151

New trailer for EBF4, and more Greenlight stuff!

2013-04-24 20:35:50 by matt-likes-swords

Made a new trailer for EBF4 with some help from TomaMoto!
Check out the game's Greenlight page, and vote for it if you haven't already. :P

EBF4's currently got 33% of the votes needed to get into the top 100, so there's still a long way to go, but according to the stats, that's a decent start.

The Steam version will include a new optional battle area, with stronger versions of bosses, long endurance/survival battles, and some bosses returning from the previous games. New equipment and achievements will be awarded for completing these challenges. This stuff will also be added to the Premium content for the web version, but only if the game is Greenlit.

The Steam version will also include all premium content currently available in the web version, and will not suffer from the restrictions of web browser games; It'll have fullscreen support, no ads, no audio compression, it won't need an internet connection, and it'll have some interface improvements based on feedback from users.


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2013-04-24 21:12:50

This looks amazing :o


2013-04-24 21:13:43

Sounds like you've got some awesome ideas for improvement upon this already awesome game. I'll see what I can do to help this get promoted.


2013-04-24 21:25:19

Wow I want to make more steam accounts just to greenlight this. I am so excited!

(Updated ) matt-likes-swords responds:

It's not that easy to cheat... You'd have to buy something with each of those accounts first. :P


2013-04-24 22:26:01

epic battle fantasy 4 is coming :)


2013-04-24 22:59:00

been a fan since one man happy to say im a fan!


2013-04-24 23:25:53

How many votes do you need to get it greenlit?
Also who narrated the trailer for EBF4?

And also it let me vote on it. And I haven't bought anything on Steam I only have a copy of The Binding Of Issac that I got for free from Deathink for like....a Christmas present.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Probably around 40k+ votes.
TomaMoto did the narration.


2013-04-25 01:02:28

Its great you got Joshua Tomar to the intro it fits really well.
I love the way you make your RPG's. I wish you luck on the Greenlight I threw my vote at you first chance I got.


2013-04-25 01:02:57

Blackmorn on devart: Well good luck on getting greenlit premium content in a free game is silly. glad it might get on steam GL.


2013-04-25 02:11:21

you really deserve money,like nuff to half year of beer and stuff i dunno good luck with that


2013-04-25 03:06:44

Was he...raping a pig?


2013-04-25 03:35:28

Cool trailer! but shouldn't that be out before the game and why don't you create video games as well and these free games you are creating and giving are just fantastic.


2013-04-25 07:51:47

<3 this trailer is awsome :D


2013-04-25 09:29:56

u kind of kill it with the voice added to it but i would still get it if it ever got release


2013-04-25 10:52:24

Aha! I knew this would happen!
I always thought you had the potential to make games for retail. All of that effort and talent...now you're getting paid for them. XP


2013-04-26 02:28:01

Well holy hawt dayum. I said it on steam greenlight, and I'll say it again. The EBF series feels complete, where as the most modern RPGs (I'm looking at you, FF) just... Miss something. Even the better RPGs like Golden Sun Dark Dawn can't stand up to this. Great job Matt, yuo deserve the money you'll get. Great trailer as well.


2013-04-26 16:49:39

Well that's brilliant, ill be sure to keep an eye on it, I have already voted it up, and hope to see it get more votes up, as for the idiot below me, well hes a crap troll :/, but meh, hope it gets greenlit :)


2013-05-01 22:17:30

So how is the progress on the votes? I assume they are rather high? :D


2013-05-02 19:12:56

Nice intro mate!

When do you think this will arrive to steam?


2013-05-29 16:36:27

THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! I love the trailer. Makes me want to play even more!