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Good API for custom event tracking?

2013-02-10 12:56:01 by matt-likes-swords

Yo, any programmers out there who know of a good API for tracking custom events within a Flash game?
I'm looking to collect tons of data about what equips and skills players use in EBF4, and where the difficulty spikes are.

I previously used Mochi's Analytics, but apparently they don't do custom events anymore.

Good API for custom event tracking?


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2013-02-10 13:12:31

I've heard good things about playtomic, but I've haven't used it myself yet.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Oh yeah, I've looked at this one before but forgot the name.


2013-02-10 14:40:22

I have no actual suggestion but I gotta say I'm in love with that image you posted. I hope you can find what you're looking for.


2013-02-10 15:21:50

I'm heard bad things about playtomic, but I've haven't used it myself yet.


matt-likes-swords responds:

Well I've already found my first problem with it; it doesn't work if I target Flash player 9, which is what I've been doing temporarily to speed up compilation.



2013-02-10 15:34:20

Don't know about API, but I found someone I think you would like:


2013-02-10 16:05:14

if all else fails uppercut your computer and see what happens
i did it once and my computer was running faster than ever


2013-02-10 18:05:28

Omg matt you know those are the 4 elments 0.0 Fire Water Earth Wind


2013-02-10 18:48:39

Hey the ng API does that!

matt-likes-swords responds:

Does it work everywhere though, or just on NG?


2013-02-10 19:00:34

oh that's cool. you gave every character their own pet.


2013-02-10 19:01:27

oh dam, my bad for the message.


2013-02-10 19:14:49

Four elements, ERMERGERD! *rolls eyes*


2013-02-10 19:33:32

I have a serious question. it may have been answered... but i never specifically Read EVERYTHING... so please... sorry. ik how heated the Community gets about answered questions. What are the battles going to be like... are you using all 4 all the time, can you chose 2 then once dead, 2 come in, Or 3 and the first person dead gets replaced or you can choose when to switch out ppl, Or Rearrange ppl so like 2in front, 2 in the back... Forcing the front 2 to get hit first unless its a long range attack. idk i'm just throwing out stuff hoping something happens lol


2013-02-10 23:45:10

How many more time will we have to wait Matt?): Do you think you will upload EBF4 to Newgrounds this month?):


2013-02-11 08:25:20

The site you're asking on. NEWGROUNDS, has that feature in its API. But of course that's probably too good for someone who want$ lot$ of $$$.


2013-02-11 10:34:15

Yes, the NG API event tracking works on all sites everywhere!

As for making money, you don't have to use the NG ad unit to use their custom event tracking (you just install their API connector and use their code calls to track events), though I'm sure that would be nice since they're giving you the tools for free.

matt-likes-swords responds:

That's pretty cool then.

I can't really use their ads since I'm sponsored by Kongregate, but I will make sure to take advantage of some of the features (medals and cloud saving) for the NG version of the game.


2013-02-11 14:47:38

I hope that your project becomes better than any EBF game, and it would be awesome to have special events. A multiplayer is deffinetly not required but it would be cool, though not needed. And I've realise that the wait has gone faster than anticipaited, so it would be OK for me if you were to wait abit for other things. Good luck


2013-02-11 16:14:56

matt i would give up on kong its possibly the worst site to get sponsered by as they will begin making you add shit exclusive to that site thus ruining the game

matt-likes-swords responds:

I can't tell if you're trying to piss me off on purpose or not, but you manage to post an annoying comment almost every week.


2013-02-12 02:31:24

I've heard good things about Playtomic, but I've used it myself


2013-02-12 10:10:53

you have the best game


2013-02-12 22:03:27

Very appreciative that you are taking the time to see where the problems may arise when players play.


2013-02-12 23:52:37

My patience is as vast as an ocean. Take your time and ignore the rushers. The longer you work on fixing problems and increasing the epicocity, the better the result. The perfect example is Zelda Twilight Princess! The longer we waited for THAT, the more AMAZING the game got, and look at the result?!

Keep up the epic work, dood.


2013-02-13 01:11:56

matt im not trying to im defending gamers here kongs ruined a tonne of good games and as such if you take a game like the last stand union city the games not long enough so it needed the extre premium stuff ebf4 won't as its alreadt going to be good enough alone now if you just made it like ten bucks on steam that would be fine but avoid adding premuim armor and weaponry as that takes all the fun out of collecting said armor and weaponry and not everyones gonna pay out the ass for a flash game so your best off just getting a job


2013-02-13 07:54:14

Keep your work, since you're almost done, I'll be waiting for tha game.


2013-02-13 10:13:21

Lance kicking ass, asking questions later


2013-02-13 22:45:38

they all look cute no legs and mat natily lance and might i ask who the new girl is she looks cool


2013-02-14 04:42:55

matt the guy you are replying too is the same person with some other name he's just like you know...


2013-02-14 05:24:41

one last thing i wanted to show you something very funny its on youtube


2013-02-16 17:13:06

Are you kidding? Premium content on EBF4? Fuck's sake, I give up on flash games. Might as well just buy a console and pay $60 a game. If I'm going to be forced to pay money, I'm at least going to get the biggest bang for my buck.


2013-02-16 18:48:23

Beta testing on DA is going on


2013-02-17 15:26:57

@blabla740 Are you retarded? Get off the internet and complete your special ed homework.


2013-02-18 12:44:29

Battle fantasey 4 ever