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another xmas post

2012-12-25 15:52:01 by matt-likes-swords

I've put some Santa equips into EBF4, which you can only get in December.
So you won't be seeing them for a year, unless you cheat and change your system time.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever.

another xmas post


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2012-12-25 16:03:17

Why Happy Christmas to you too.


2012-12-25 16:22:17

Love the festive duds. Merry whatever the *$#@ you people do Matt!


2012-12-25 17:44:17

merry christmas to you


2012-12-25 17:58:55

Merry X-mas! You're-rockin'-now!!


2012-12-25 19:28:41

do you start with them or do have to attain them somehow?


2012-12-25 22:01:49

Merry Christmas bro.


2012-12-25 22:50:14

Merry Christmas to you as well


2012-12-26 00:48:33



2012-12-26 04:16:15

merry Christmas and a happy new year by the way Christmas is over


2012-12-26 07:23:28

Ahh, I can't wait for the game to come.


2012-12-26 08:25:57

I want to play it soo baad ~ ! :3


2012-12-26 11:17:56

The game is going to be EPIC


2012-12-26 11:17:56

The game is going to be EPIC


2012-12-26 12:32:00

Maybe for New Years they need to be in a drunken party like state or have some sort of item as a weapon?


2012-12-26 13:29:19

Is lance an elf? That would be frickin adorable.


2012-12-26 16:55:01

Merry Whatever!


2012-12-26 21:33:51

Can I suggest that Matt (character) could have a sharp little Christmas tree as a sword and for Nathalie a huge candy cane a as staff? If Matt had a candy sword he would break it in fight or he would eat it XP. Also, No Legs could have reindeer antlers, maybe?


2012-12-26 22:05:51

v thats not a bad idea but maybe a giant icicle for matt or somthing and the cnady staff would break on a melee hit and heal all party memebers for 25% of there health


2012-12-27 01:55:26

Can u give the three characters 3 diffrent weapons? Like Matt would have a candy cane that's shaped like a hockey stick,The Mage would have a wand or staff that can summon snow. & Lance could have a rifle that can shoot out ice.


2012-12-27 20:11:33

Matt - Petrified christmas tree that does earth and ice damage
Natalie - basic candycane that increases magic attack and defence,but breaks upon physical attack,healing all allies for a set percentage,but leaving natalie with lowered defence for a turn.at the beginning of the next turn,shell pull out whatever staff you pick from a menu that automatically comes up
Lance - Rudolph(the entire reindeer).after any shooting attack that uses the gun,it fires a laser from his nose that does 75-80% fire damage
New girl whose name i dont remember - i dunno.leave that to someone else


2012-12-28 02:49:45

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year's.

The game's looking great, keep it up for all of our sakes. I'm quite looking forward to seeing it in action.


2012-12-28 05:50:40

Marry Whatever (Totally not a typo there ;D )

Just make sure the tits are clickable in this game like in the previous games :3.



2012-12-30 23:51:32

im the 10000th fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-12-31 19:30:59

I can't wait for EB4, Matt, you're the best!