Entry #141

EBF4 Map Demo!

2012-12-03 13:01:43 by matt-likes-swords

Here's a demo of the world map and some other stuff!

Still gotta add: music, medals, languages, an intro animation, tons of APIs, individual battles, and game balance.

EBF4 Map Demo!


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2012-12-03 13:42:37

Getting closer and closer to the release of EBF4.


2012-12-03 14:12:37

Fooled around with it a little bit until I got stuck. Looks nice, I'm really looking forward to it. I got stuck next to the tall tree house. I clicked on the mushrooms, before reaching it I got a pop-up about something being there, then I couldn't move. Might be just a one time thing.

(Updated ) matt-likes-swords responds:

Aha, figured it out!

It happens when you talk to a Slime Bunny and then trigger a dialogue afterwards.


2012-12-03 14:17:20

no play button? the fuck matt fix it im using a COMPAQ you need to remeber that were not millonares like you and own alienwares

matt-likes-swords responds:

What are you talking about?


2012-12-03 14:23:40

EBF4 well I will sit again couple of hours in front of the computer to finishing it.... AWESOME


2012-12-03 14:43:17

Apparently clicking on a breakable object (small trees, rocks etc.) repeatedly without having the required tool to break it will grant its break-drops occasionally.

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, just fixed that.


2012-12-03 15:40:05



2012-12-03 15:49:57

Nice, reeeeealy nice.
By the way, do you need a translator for german or do you allready have one?
I´m native german, so the translation will be in correct german :D

matt-likes-swords responds:

Got enough for now.


2012-12-03 17:00:02

EBF4 is gonna be amazing, just like the other 3 games. ^^


2012-12-03 17:10:34

This has nothing to do with the demo however i think you should add more variation to the characters faces. I noticed your new female with green hair looks similar to the female with red hair. (sorry cant remember their names right now)


2012-12-03 17:22:34

Shweetness! o:


2012-12-03 17:31:37

Is the audio supposed to be working on this?


2012-12-03 18:24:16

Gave the demo a try, and liked it!

Anna's skill set look pretty great. And someone has water attacks, finally!

So do rocks/trees stick around after you harvest treasure? I could keep hitting rocks for treasures in this demo


2012-12-03 18:54:24

I really liked it, great so far!
Cant wait till the next demo, if there is one.
I got too caught up in the pre-game minigame. Die golems Die :P
I cannot wait for it to come out, seems like the relly good game that might top Newgrounds Rumble!


2012-12-03 19:54:33

You have no idea how massive my erection is for this right now.


2012-12-03 22:11:59

Awesome. This is going to be great when it is done.


2012-12-03 23:03:52

Truly it is a wonderful game if the demo made me waste an hour going around exploring it. one thing I did find cheap was the hax to give you the things to go through obstacles early and kind of ruined the nice cutscenes. also defeting god cat and such gave you no cutscenes which is kind of understandable but it was still in the gallery so it confused me slightly. outside of this I find my self wanting this game to come out faster and faster.


2012-12-04 11:38:15

so much want!


2012-12-04 14:01:15

i found a bug then i started it up and there was no play button just ?? i had to close the winodw to fix it


2012-12-04 14:19:45

Steam Big Picture feels so neat ... I imagine the epicness of launching Epic Battle Fantasy 4 with it!


2012-12-04 15:20:29

Amazing! hope to see the full game soon :)


2012-12-04 16:59:42

it had a few bugs in it. but i did play enough to love it!


2012-12-05 21:36:09

Ouy, is it just me, or is the "Page not there"?


2012-12-05 21:36:12

Ouy, is it just me, or is the "Page not there"?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, it's gone now.


2012-12-06 21:23:58

why'd you take it off?


2012-12-07 09:04:57

is it going to be back


2012-12-08 11:32:03

well i came back to NG to see if ebf4 was relesed yet -_- looks like it might take longer T_T


2012-12-11 13:07:07

Why is it not possible to add you as friend? >:C


2012-12-13 23:15:46

Is that the definite list of skills? Because the original 3 not only got no new skills, but they apparently lost some. Including a limit break!


2012-12-13 23:17:46

Also, I found a bug. Got stuck after healing with slime bunny twice. Probably has to do with quickly changing the way the character's facing or something.


2012-12-14 08:12:25

Looking good Mat xD
When will you release the EBF 4?
Im rly looking foward for it -.-
Soon at 2013 Maybe?

well since not finishing yet the EBF 3 cause my save file was deleted D:

Good Luck Mat :D


2012-12-14 18:34:52

I finished EBF3 with ALL the medals ...



2012-12-18 13:28:14

Do Take your time lad!

We're totally looking forward for this game, and when i say we're, i mean about 100k people. :P

We expect the game to be EPIC! DO NOT FAIL US :D!


2012-12-19 22:02:01

You know every time I hear about something new that I want I always want it right then and there but then when I do have it I feel like I could have waited longer if that meant it could be made better so... what I'm saying is take as long as you want on this (just dont forget about it) and in the end It'll all be worth the wait.


2012-12-20 20:59:18

wee gonna die tomarrow, (no were not)


2012-12-21 21:12:51

I see you don't have much left to do, then. :B

Can't wait for it to come out next year!


2012-12-23 05:44:55

Ä°t awasome but I will wait full version because I dont want spoil myself
Go on you can do it


2012-12-25 12:47:18

Merry Christmas