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2012-11-20 07:59:45 by matt-likes-swords

Finished the quests for EBF4!

I'm realizing that I won't have the game finished this year, so I'll have posted nothing on Newgrounds in 2012!
I think I'll have to post another Sketchbook to fix this.



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2012-11-20 08:04:37

Not in 2012?! that's bad news...


2012-11-20 09:19:43

Was hoping for 2012 winter release T^T Oh well, it's worht the wait =w= some people look familiar like the kung fu guy and red haired surfdude. that woman reminds me of the goddess in EBF1. I see knight, red haired chick in first row, green dressed girl. They all look familiar =x

Not sure I like the icons for some of the menu options. I still don't get the animal (if its a rat or a pup or what) for Summons. A clock = stats? And then paper = stats on the bottom? Encyclopedia shud be the icon for items, not a potion bottle. Medals shud actually be medals but I'm okay with the star. Leaf monster is fine for Bestiary, otherwise slime would do nicely. Or a nolegs kitty. Don't get egg = quests but I'll have to deal with it.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I guess I'll change stats to records.


2012-11-20 09:30:50

Square Enix needs to cut you a fucking check.


2012-11-20 09:31:28

Oh. I'm not that surprised about this. Anyway, good luck with this. Hey I, just gotta say this now that I have the chance. Will you do voice acting in it?

matt-likes-swords responds:



2012-11-20 09:56:03

It would be awesome with voice acting in it of course but think of all the voices he would have to do.


2012-11-20 10:41:46

Lookin good so far.
Kinda disappointed that it wont be done this year, but you can't just rush stuff.


2012-11-20 10:47:41

Well if you want to get into the nitty gritty about the designs i don't agree with guy above me. It all looks good, although i think the Equips and Forge icons look a bit too similar. Maybe add a bit of flame to one of them. Either or makes sense to me:) Or perhaps something a bit less distracting when your walking on world map. The summons thing reminds me of pokemon, maybe the sandshrew:) I think nolegs might fit well there if you were really trying to appease people. Please don't change stats to records. Also, i hope quests are alot ahrder to finish this time around, things you have to go above an beyond to complete, maybe even hidden bosses that are open to you early on but you have to be very skilled to beat. The better you are the earlier you can finish an collect the ransom:)


2012-11-20 10:57:48

And i msut add this since i don't get many oppertunities to check up on these updates. I lvoed the diffaculty balance of all the games in this series. I especially liked that people were trying to low level it like me. I don't think it was possible to do on epic in EBF3 but hey, that's what makes it epic:) I seen a guy on youtube attempting it and his videos ended before fighting the mammoth. he seemed pretty damned determined too. I shorted it a bit by upgrading armor and stuff and still couldn't manage it, was fun to get past first few worlds though trying. Really made me think about what i was upgrading and such on limited resources. Reminded me of why i started playing rpg's to begin with, pure self created entertainment:) I wish you all the world on your hard work and i hope there is a diffaculty greater then epic, by your standards:) Maybe even give people a challange mode where you can't upgrade weapons an stuff.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I should try that myself sometime...


2012-11-20 11:41:42

Take your time we want an epic game (which you always do). Also i suggest that range hero get a damg nerf or increase damg melee does. So that damg is balanced cause in the last one I was using gun user to wipe squads out in the first or second turn(With squad killing attack while sword user had to kill them one at a time). Also will you get rewards for having saves from the last game?


2012-11-20 13:32:32

keep up the good work dude, cant wait for the new ebf


2012-11-20 14:37:22

Thats amazing. Definitely lots to do! Hmmm a forge? Is there crafting?! :P


2012-11-20 15:29:34

Release it on Steam! :-D

I'll be your first Supporter on Greenlight!

matt-likes-swords responds:

That's the plan!


2012-11-20 15:38:30

Can't wait! just like everyone else who has played any of your games. im pretty sure it will be worth the years of waiting, that is not sarcastic! very looking forward to the release of this game. good layout too!


2012-11-20 15:58:54

I had a complete blast playing EBF3. It took me a week to beat the epic mode, but wow was it a fun week. I really enjoyed how the game play felt. I would pay for this as an app, so get to work on one so you can make some cash!!! I want to see more EBF and I think you have polished the series enough to start looking for some financial backing to take the series to the Wii or other systems. Shorter games are becoming the new cool and your series could make the big boys like Square and Bethesda give you a few phone calls. The work you have done is too high quality for free to play, get out there and retire on this series!!!!


2012-11-20 20:05:47

Someone mentioned Greenlight and you, more or less, confirmed it.

Does this mean that EBF4 is indefinitely not going to be free?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Well there's gonna be a free version too.


2012-11-21 00:00:05

I hope EBF4 comes out soon.It looks good already so just keep up what your doing.


2012-11-21 00:14:54

I'm certainly willing to wait for quality like this.
Summons? That's fucking awesome.


2012-11-21 07:49:55

oh man,i would buy this if it wouldnt be free *w*


2012-11-21 08:12:11

but man what if 2012 DOES come true! then you wont have anything kick ass new and epic for the year!


2012-11-21 11:33:32

So from readin other comments i have this one quetion will this be bought through steam or newgrounds?


2012-11-21 15:13:51



2012-11-21 19:36:15

I'm a bit disappointed that I won't be getting EBF4 this year, but take your time. Anyway, could we be shown the reward for the quest? That way if we have one of those quests for key items, like the soldier in the town asking for five flowers, we can tell which quests to do to finish that one. Or maybe we want permanent items like weapons and armor rather that a bunch of consumables, but in BEF3 I have no idea which is which because I can't remember that many freaking dialogs at once and so I have to do them at random! :P


2012-11-21 19:37:24

Consider this an edit because we don't have an edit button yet. To keep that bit of surprise before each quest, can we at least be shown the dialog that the NPC said when giving the quest?


2012-11-21 20:15:14



2012-11-22 16:05:58

no this year.....................................AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOD
im wait :)


2012-11-22 17:50:39

Not in 2012? Oh well, we can wait, take your time, make it great, it's been 2+ years but I know the wait will be worth it.


2012-11-22 21:08:10

I understand, this is a big project and it needs time to be done. Take your time, then. Anyway, we have the other Epic Battle Fantasy games to keep ourselves busy.


2012-11-23 22:20:58

Jeez if these games keep getting bigger and better your going to have to release them as a file to download! Awesome job on these games thanks for making them!


2012-11-26 00:22:14

This will Be THE best game of the year it get's published. None can argue that!


2012-11-26 02:34:53

so if there is going to be a free version and a paid for version. what is going to be the differences in the game just would like to know.


2012-11-26 02:36:58

You said a while down that there will be a steam version and a Free version...

Does that mean what I think it means? That the steam version will inevitably be better?

Also; why stall the game until after the Mayan Apocalypse? Your game might not end up being released at all!


2012-11-28 12:46:37

steam-release? oh god, i'm willing to pay for ebf 4, but i absolutely refuse steam...


2012-12-03 10:03:59

If i'm reading comments correctly... There will be a fluently updated version which will be Steam. Then there will be basically a trial version on Newgrounds. No one ever has the free version as good as the paid version. Why are you making a paid and free versions anyways?? I'm sure people would pay for your character drawings, or something similar, like using your characters in their own game. Full support for this game.


2013-02-14 17:35:18

not neccessaryli a paid version cause some of the games of steam are free to play and they are awesome