Entry #134

Sky temple!

2012-09-12 20:17:03 by matt-likes-swords

Well that's the final area finished.
I guess EBF4 is around 75% finished.

Now I just gotta add NPCs, foes, treasures, shops, dialogue, battle backgrounds, cutscenes, medals, some more menus, a save system, an intro animation, a preloader minigame, music, a bestiary... and a bunch of other stuff.

Sky temple!


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2012-09-12 20:26:16

you can do it!! programme your heart out!


2012-09-12 20:34:25

its the final stretch matt hang in there!
is it going to be avaliable on steam? like the game + soundtrack?
if it is i can garantee at least one copy :D

matt-likes-swords responds:

That's the plan.

Of course there's also gonna be a free version.


2012-09-12 20:36:15

I wish you the best of Luck!


2012-09-12 20:42:59

Do you have someone for the music ?

matt-likes-swords responds:



2012-09-12 20:53:47

add an optional boss!!111!


2012-09-12 20:56:39

this will definitely be my, if not everyone's, gaming highlight for the 2012 year! im extremely anxious for this game. as always keep up the great work!


2012-09-12 20:58:05

I want a weapon named after me!! Call it the ROCA-BLASTER!!

It can shoot cookies if you like...


2012-09-12 22:15:26

Stop spoiling us. Too many spoilers. But then again, I really shouldn't read your news posts... whatever. This is more like eye candy. With a great big-something-candy-related at the end.


2012-09-12 22:41:29

so in steam will have more things than the free version?


2012-09-12 22:43:33

and by the way,i dont know how to edit,so i going to say make other comment,i guess you like a litle zelda right?will have there dark version of the characters or something?cause i guess it would be awsome,or even a new water temple from ocarina of time with a lot of puzles?


2012-09-12 23:09:29

Wow, only 75% and that much more to go?
Although I suppose the menus and stuff might be the harder out of what you listed.


2012-09-13 00:32:30

Most bodacious my good sir.
You keep it the hell up, and stay going strong.
Am looking very forward to playing this what i sure will be a radical ass game.


2012-09-13 04:07:15

i hope it'll worth the wait


2012-09-13 07:32:28

matt look man i know you want a tiny bit more cash but lets face it HALF the people that play your games are poor they can't afford to even LOOK at it if it costs cash just keep the full thing free on steam don't add anything extra besides small drawings and beta crap

matt-likes-swords responds:

I'm not asking you to pay anything.


2012-09-13 09:13:22

Honestly I think people should just be glad that he's making another regardless of whether there would be a free version or not(which he said there would be, so...). I would've gladly shelled out some cash for EBF3 - heck I still play it from time to time now.


2012-09-13 13:03:52

Go matt!You are our hero.I can already tell how awesome your game is going to be.


2012-09-13 13:08:50

Wel at least I can rest assure this will be a long game. Just in time too, my brother has pretty much kicked me out of my room sooo...


2012-09-13 13:58:17



2012-09-13 14:10:18

I'm noticing that the characters seem to be spread around the map. Does it mean it'll be possible to play with them separately? o_O


2012-09-13 18:34:42

matt thats the point your just going to make everyone feel bad for not buying the game there always gonna be that ONE weapon or that ONE helmet somone wants but its a premium item


2012-09-13 20:26:05

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! GO FOR IT MATT! YOU CAN MAKE IT LIKE A BAWS!!! EBF4 FTW!!! To be honest, I envy you because you can do seet stuff and I really don't know how to make great games like you or like other people on Newgrounds or other websites, but you know what, I REALLY ENJOY YOUR STUFF, YOU'RE AWESOME!!! By the way, HalcyonicFalconx is really hot (hot for meaning sexy and awesome).


2012-09-13 20:38:46

Keep going HAM Matt!! You can do it man! :)


2012-09-13 21:00:01

Cheers for Matt for his epic game being almost done even though hestil needs epic npcs and epic treasure and epic monsters and epic shops and epic cutscenes and an epic intro and an epic bestiary and epic backrounds and epic medals and an epic preloader and epic minigames and epic save system and epic other stuff, You know lets just say its going to be the most EPIC thing on the planet, it'll be so EPIC that it will make sephiroth say "That's very interesting"


2012-09-13 21:29:53

Onto the hard part now, right? :P


2012-09-13 21:59:36

this is excellent soon i can enjoy no legs mat and the gang natly ooo boy natily's boobs will the be bigger and is that new character be there the green haired one if so sweet of not ok still yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay epb4 this will be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppppp pppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiicccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


2012-09-13 22:04:47

To any task like this, there are two parts: The first 90%, and the last 90%.

matt-likes-swords responds:

I agree...


2012-09-13 22:38:21

Three cheers for Matt! Hip-hip, HURRAY! Hip-hip, HURRAY! Hip-hip...


2012-09-14 14:03:16

i hope the preloader game will be something like the one on ebf3...


2012-09-14 14:19:06



2012-09-14 20:46:03

is the free version the same as the paid version? or is the paid one with soundtrack, never-seen-before drawings or something cool like that? i mean, will the playable part the same?


2012-09-14 21:26:22

tatu if he does make a paid verison i will murder him for it


2012-09-15 01:10:43

pirate well... there is going to be on sale on steam so....


2012-09-15 02:52:50

tatu it will be FREE on steam or he will be killed


2012-09-15 07:10:22

oh god,some people demanding things,:facepalm:og god damn


2012-09-15 07:12:36

by the way pirate it isnt you the one who is creating so...stfu,if matt want a paid and free version he will do it,cause he wants,if not its ok,after all its his game,if he wanted he would make the game for himself,so just shut up will ya?


2012-09-15 07:17:19

omega you will regret the day those words came out of your mouth when epic battle fantasy 8 comes around and its 6000 bucks!


2012-09-15 11:09:22

I don't understand why people are complaining about a paid version. EBF 4 isn't just some game. It's huge, entertaining and a lot of work for Matt. For a game like this others would ask for money. He gives you the chance to buy it for money, but if you can't/don't want to buy it, you can still play with the free version.

You should be agreeing on how awesome he is, not complaining that there's a chance for people to help him out.

And you should stop your nonsense pirate9899. Be happy he makes an epic game like this, and he even lets you play for free, only little children demands for more and more this selfishly.


2012-09-15 12:02:15

totally agreed DCool,therefore its matt game,if he wanted he would make the game for himself,and pirate like i sayed its matt game,stop of being a child


2012-09-15 12:03:47

oh yeah and pirate9899 i not saying any word,cause i am writing :haha:


2012-09-15 15:08:10

i think you should try and find a cloud saving system like they have on monsters' den chronicals, itd help people continiously play and make people who love the game but hardly are ever on the same computer feel alot easier about starting this beast of a game, im not saying people wont play because they cant cloud save, im saying itll make people who want to play but, are on the road constantly or what not alot more appt to start playing because my thoughts right now are i want to play this game so very bad but i never know when ill be able to play it because i work away from home 3-5 days a week and my time at home is stuffed with house work itd be nice to be able to save and load that save via external profile and play when ever i can get to a browser with flash capibilitys,

matt-likes-swords responds:

Yeah, I'll have that this time round.


2012-09-16 03:15:34

i'm actually bored of waiting for this game-.-' ,but its worth waiting every second


2012-09-16 19:26:16

I cannot wait for this game~! this is the best game series I've ever played.
And i dont recall there being a paid version?


2012-09-16 21:53:23

Great job man, looking forward to this. I gotta say you truly deserve more credit, somehow :P
Anyway, nice to see someone making "Final Fantasy" as it's "supposed" to be, unlike a few of the latest.

Good job on the art and everything!
I've just got one question: You do ALL of this by yourself? The drawing, programming? I know the music is from HalcyonicFalconX right?

matt-likes-swords responds:



2012-09-16 23:10:45

cant wait your last game was simply epic. your games show how rpgs should be instead of most of the ones you see around.


2012-09-19 16:51:57

You Don't Have To Hurry If You Don't Want. I'll Wait 5 Years If I Have To :D Best Series On Newgrounds.


2012-09-21 00:01:48

I'm really feeling good and distracted when I play EBF3, I really love everything in it. Of course, I'll probably be more distracted with the fourth one that will coming out soon.


2012-09-21 08:22:51

take as long ass u need to make this game cause i have loved all the games u hve made so far. plz take as much time as u want to make the best one yet


2012-09-21 12:41:09

REQUEST.matt you know in ebf3 fanart there is a picture 'matt and natz by erick',PLEASE put that picture on newgrounds or deviantart and i want to say that your games are sooooooooooo awesome.
and will you sell ebf4's steam version or it will be free and to play the steam version will i have to download the steam program and make a steam account?


2012-09-22 21:43:33

happy madness day. :)