Epic Battle Fantasy 4 - Foe Competition

2011-01-02 17:22:22 by matt-likes-swords

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is still ages away, but I thought that I'd announce this now to give everyone plenty of time.

When developing Epic Battle Fantasy 3, I asked fans to send in drawings of foes which they wanted to see in the game. Quite a few eventually made it in, here's some of the winners:

Fire Elemental

So basically I'm going to do the same thing again.
The franchise seems to have gotten a lot more attention since the last competition, so this should be even more interesting.


Drawings must be your own work.

Drawings must be original, for example, not recolored Sonic or Pokemon.

I don't mind if it's drawn traditionally or digitally.
I'll need at least one colored picture though.

It's gotta be RPG-ish. Whatever that means.

They must be work-safe. It can't be a giant penis. Uh..

It must not be human.
Preferably not very human-like at all.
Mainly because of....

They must be easy to motion tween.
This means they will be animated by just moving parts around and not redrawing anything.
So they shouldn't have too many movable parts. (Humans and spiders etc would require lots of parts).
Hell if it only has one moving part (for example, it's a rock), I won't complain.
Of course, if your foe is good enough to become a boss, I'll put in more effort.

Think of some attacks and properties for them.
Not really essential because I'll probably change a lot of them to fit the game.

Possibly think of several varieties so I can recycle the animations for several foes. For example an ice version and a fire version.

They should be different from existing foe types.
For example: No more turtles, or slimes etc.
Unless you want it to be a re-skin of an older foe, which is okay, but it'll have to be pretty much exactly the same shape.
In fact doing a re-skin of an existing foe would probably increase your chances of winning since it's less effort for me to implement.


Please post your drawing on DeviantArt or on the game's FaceBook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Epic-Ba ttle-Fantasy-3/121491377896263), otherwise it will be hard for me to keep track of them.

Submissions from the previous competition will also be considered again.

You can send in as many foes as you want.


Millions of people will see your foe.
You'll get a brief mention in the game's art gallery, and probably have your original drawing included as well, if there's enough space.


Competition will end after at least 4 months. Probably much longer.
Winners probably won't start being picked any earlier than that.

Picture unrelated.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 - Foe Competition


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2011-01-02 17:29:52

I'll help out! Defenitly!
Can I help in any way besides drawing though?

matt-likes-swords responds:

You can beta test!!
But not any time soon.


2011-01-02 17:35:15

Alrighty then! Time to get drawin :D


2011-01-02 17:44:31

Awesome. I'm about to start drawing. :D1


2011-01-02 17:45:58

Do you want a PM to Kupo707 or here if we upload to dA?

matt-likes-swords responds:

Better on DA. I get too many PMs to look through later.


2011-01-02 17:50:56

Dude, I am crap for an artist so I don't foresee throwing in for the competition, but I must say that the three prior installments of this game are some of the finest work presently on Newgrounds! Keep up the good work man!


2011-01-02 18:00:25

so a note through DA? ill do something XD


2011-01-02 18:00:57

But I wanted a platformer. :( Damn you and your RPG games!


2011-01-02 18:01:49

Can you tell us the types of settings there will be?

matt-likes-swords responds:

I don't really know yet.


2011-01-02 18:19:06

It should be like those elements right?
(Fire, Earth, Wind, Water/Ice, Lightning, and Bomb)


2011-01-02 18:48:26

So basically, you have a higher chance of making it in using less originality? Cool...I think I might actually try on this one. Though I'm still not very sure how to upload pics and stuff...I'd need help. Anyways, my character is an eyeball looking thing (see, originality!) with a garbage/waste composition to it. It floats and would most likely be found in a sewer or a dystopian/heavily-polluted city. My drawing stinks though, so I'll have to perfect it as much as possible. Also, I loved the mini-games of EBF3, so I'd like to see a wider variety of those if possible. It's just a suggestion, though. Last thing: PLEASE keep the walking mechanic!


2011-01-02 18:49:05

can i beta test when its ready


2011-01-02 18:58:57

Now's my chance to turn in a pic of Dargo it would seem. One question though if it's posted on DeviantArt do we tell you where to find it or is it posted on your profile or something? A link maybe?

matt-likes-swords responds:

yeah, send me a link.


2011-01-02 19:08:45

i would love it if i could consider my angel and demon bots i made in 3D
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/vi dgamedude/ng-robotday-submission
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/vi dgamedude/robotday-2010
heres the links--^

and dont forget to enlarge for better view of detail!


(Updated ) matt-likes-swords responds:



2011-01-02 19:36:06

I would be a happy person if I got to beta test also.


2011-01-02 19:56:31

I'll Beta-Test too! Any other ways I could help out also?


2011-01-02 20:01:26

Oh and I could help write a story line if you'd like less work to do.


2011-01-02 20:16:17

I'll try to cook something up.
Also, I'm willing to beta-test when you get to that stage.


2011-01-02 20:43:14

what about weopons or any kind of equipment. to help keep the load off or something.

matt-likes-swords responds:

already finished those


2011-01-02 20:49:35

i like many others would love to beta test


2011-01-02 21:09:15

Do you already have the final boss in mind? Like in 3 so that it already has a story line.

matt-likes-swords responds:

kind of


2011-01-02 21:18:26

Ok. Cool. Just wondering. Now I got to think up some foes and draw them.


2011-01-02 21:21:56

Just make it a rock. Would be awesome.


2011-01-02 21:39:14

I WOULD contribute to the demon/hellspawn category... sadly my drawing is not up to par.


2011-01-02 21:40:53

I would draw a monster but my drawings are too embarassing for anyone to see TT_TT but i do have ideas


2011-01-02 22:41:22

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ra ndomplayingnoob/ghost-swordsman

I think it should be Guarding entrances ETC.


2011-01-02 22:59:10

Not that I want to have anything spoiled, but do you have any particular plot/area/element/species/whatever in mind for the enemies for us to draw?

It's just that "draw bad guys" isn't very specific. I'm afraid to get rejected because my monster design wasn't relevant to any plot/area/element/species you had in mind.

Unless the entire plot/etc... will be dictated by what we draw? ;)


2011-01-02 23:03:10

HEY! y not make rival characters for the heros to fight with! only there rivals is 2 girls and 1 boy team and ether of the girls uses guns and swords and the boy uses dark magic instead!, hehe, i wonder if u can make a good story out of that! :D


2011-01-02 23:17:07

I so have to enter this time around. Good luck planning this one :P. I find tennants helps the imagination a bit. though you should already know that :p.


2011-01-03 03:00:55

ugg , i have an idea for a boss buck i suck at drawing and no drawing program for my computer, any other ways i colud get you my idea


2011-01-03 04:33:39

how do i send it to u? I don't know ur email, and i've never used dA before. If u could give me some directions on how to use it.

matt-likes-swords responds:

DA is pretty easy to use, just make an ccount and submit it.


2011-01-03 05:12:21

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/14 0286/monster-snake

It should live in a very dark scary enviroment.


2011-01-03 05:14:50

Cool! I'm totally gonna work on some doodles during school! xD That seems to be when my drawings are best...


2011-01-03 06:08:37

i always liked to draw bosses from games and rpg's shame i couldnt draw that good back then ^^


2011-01-03 07:07:05

can i beta test, i have 0 drawing skills unless im tracing.


2011-01-03 07:12:53

I would love to try my hand at making an enemy for your game but i cant draw...at all. I wonder though since i can't draw if i could get a friend of mine to draw it for me would it still count as my work?

matt-likes-swords responds:

not really


2011-01-03 09:30:00

Can i just describe mine? I'm a terrible artist. It's a big floating eyeball, with wings on it, made of flame. The pupil shoots lasers, and the iris changes color, depending on the element.

matt-likes-swords responds:

that kind of defeats the point of the whole competition


2011-01-03 11:08:09

so you think the robot angel and beelzebot would fit into your universe?


2011-01-03 12:14:15

I might actually give this a try. I once drew my own Pokemanz collection, maybe I can find some interesting stuff in there....


2011-01-03 16:31:03

Might I suggest you also post this on Kongregate? It's pretty obvious EBF3 was loved there, still on the front page. Just to get a larger sample size of enemies.

matt-likes-swords responds:

er, where would be the place to post it? I can't do news posts there D:


2011-01-03 17:10:37

Funny how you say it must be SFW when there's already tentacles in the series :o


2011-01-03 17:35:59

Are you going to need any sort of music, or such? I could also help out with testing if necessary.

matt-likes-swords responds:

probably not D:


2011-01-03 19:04:21

I can't draw for shit, but I'm gonna enter anyway for laughs.


2011-01-03 19:08:55

On their forums would probably do.

I guess either in General Gaming or Collaborations sections. Personally I'd suggest General Gaming. It has a much large audience and would get you a huge amount of attention.


2011-01-03 20:45:51

I thought the point was to come up with a monster >.>


2011-01-03 22:11:01

wait so i just submit it on dA on my account and u will somehow find it even though u have no idea who i am?


2011-01-03 22:29:54

Damn, well it was worth a shot lol. Might as well try my hand at drawing up a monster or two i suppose, though it'll probably look like something out of a childs crayon book compared to some of these other guys :3


2011-01-04 00:44:32

are you working on the 4th already...this is never end... i wonder who will be the next villain and what new skills does have this new party member, that one with green


2011-01-04 03:35:33

I submitted mine to the fb page.