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Posted by matt-likes-swords - October 9th, 2009

I heard Flash CS5 beta's coming out soon-ish.
Feeling really out dated now, still using Flash 8.

Still don't see much reasons to upgrade to CS4 though.
The bone tool turned out to be pretty useless and the GUI is completely messed up.
Not too keen on starting AS3 since I'm still getting comfortable with AS2, not to mention I'm already learning Java, C and SQL in school.
I've also heard it's a bit glitchy, though I didn't use it long enough to know.
Seems to also use a lot more system resources, not really something I want when working on massive projects.

End rant.

Been playing Scribblenauts, Dodonpachi, Raiden 3, Metal Slug 3 and Touhou 8 lately.

Scrapped my platformer.
Started drawing equips for Epic3.
There'll be around 30 equips for each character.
And ye can upgrade em and stuff.
... Maybe.
ETA: Summer 2010

Need sleep


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looking forward :)

awwww Melon seemed cool. Why scrap it? But Epic Three.... THANK YOU GOD! Is the nazi in it?

Cause it wasn't amazing.

And yes.

flash 8 is where the cool people hang

Hey at least here will be melons in Epic Battle Fantasy Three, eh, you know what I'm sayin'?

just a question, why do you draw the two same characters every single time

Cause I'm cheap.

whoa epic 3 with 3 persons on the party... sweet, i can´t wait to see lance on the party and his abilites...also, i don´t get the equip stuff... lance could use a pirate dressing as matt or something, this game will be great

I'm still pretty happy with Flash 8. Any version above Flash 8 creates bloated FLA files and couldn't compile the Street Fighter Collab.

I still have the urge to learn AS3 but I have a bunch of AS2 games I wanna finish first.

Well, I don't think I'll be working on anything THAT big.
Good to know a lot of great stuff's still being made with AS2.

CS4 IS super glitchy as hell. But it runs faster than Flash 8 on Mac, so in that respect it's better.

I keep clicking the boobs in the picture.

Thank you GOD, that platformer looked boaring anyway. P.S Tom Fulp commented...

Would you play Touhou 12.3 with me, or do you need more sleep?

I could try.

I still use 8 but im running into issues where most programmers use higher versions that dont save down well so i can see it becoming problematic soon. Not everyone clings to the past and never lets go like Tom does.

Still haven't done any collabs so I wouldn't know.
But probably.

hmm Good 2 Know now u can their Armor and Equips now since it getting pretty Boring seeing Them in da Same Things they wear Every Battle....

BTW w00t Metal Slug FTW all hail Random Shooting games!

the boobs are back :D

"Not everyone clings to the past and never lets go like Tom does." ~Luis, the mouse user.

I use mouse too lol.

I'm with CS3 though, CS4 was too much for me. I just like the layout of CS3 more.

One question, (from looking at the comments) Whos Lance? (I think its the pirate dude who sells you sutff) and is he really going to be a third person in the party in Epic3? Srry, thats actually 2 questions.

The final boss in Epic2.

Looking forward to the game

BTW Scribblenauts pwns

we are in the same
still using flash8

Dude, you have more medals than anyone on this site. you play way too many video games.

Not quite!

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