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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Release Date

Posted by matt-likes-swords - November 20th, 2018

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 launches on the 30th of November on Steam! 
Please add it to your wishlist. 

It'll be $15, with owners of EBF4 getting a coupon for 20% off in their Steam inventory - the coupon is activated by a human, so you might not get it immediately.

A free version of EBF5 with less content will also come to Newgrounds in early 2019.

After 3 years of full-time work, I'm really looking forward to having this huge weight off my back. Flash was already announced dead when I started working on the game, so we'll see if launching a huge Flash game in 2018 pays off. Either way, I'll finally be free to try some small projects again, and probably some different game engines too.

EBF5 took a lot out of me emotionally, and I never want to work on such a large project ever again - or at least not in such isolation. I am however incredibly happy with how the game turned out, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

It's the result of 15 years of messing around with Flash.



Comments (16)

What a weird thing seeing this is,4 feels like it was so far away.

It really was!

Early 2019 hmm... will be interesting to see if I can wait or no. :) Looking forward to this. Been becoming a bigger fan with each segment of the series I think. Intrigued to see how this compares, and all the glimpses of the process when it's been going on - seems like a really big thing this time!

You've managed to do pretty well. Congrats, and good luck!


cant wait!

This is AWESOME!!! I thought it would never get here!

Well, time to finally start playing the series I guess.

I thought your avatar looked familar! I was gonna try a playthrough series, using your game =3

Hooray! I played the version on your website for a bit but then stopped because I wanted to get the full version. Thank you so much for this amazing series!

plan to buy it day 1 just hope that discount reaches me day 1 XD

Oh man, I guess I have to catch up. I believe I stopped playing after the third one because of my computer kicking the bucket and me never buying a new one.

Glad to see it almost ready, and please take a break if you need -- or smaller, fun things. On behalf of the EBF fans, please don't crumble and break on account of us. You've done a lot.

YOOOOO, I used to love playing EBF3 when I was a teenager! I'm glad you're still making them! I need to finish the 4th one!

Glad to be apart of the community that followed and played all your games this will be a day 1 buy as well and i cant wait to see what the future holds! i hope that any future project you take will be under better situations so it's not such a burden, i could only imagine what you are capable of with a optimal environment.

Man, this game's on my wishlist for months.
I'm a huge fan of the series and can't wait to play EBF5, flash game or not.
I mean, there's still some really good flash games like yours on Steam.

Congratulations! It's been really amazing watching this series grow over the years.