Entry #239

More Animated Gifs!

2017-12-17 06:08:10 by matt-likes-swords

In EBF5 development news, the overworld map is complete now!
I’ve just got two of the premium dungeons left to do. After that I’ll finish off NPCs and sidequests. 
I’ll have many more animated gifs to show off too.

There was also this big thing with Patreon changing their fees, but everyone complained enough and they ended up not doing that, so that was nice. Patreon's a nice easy target with most of their users being business-savy. Too bad it's not so easy all the time. (Good luck with your internet, Americans)



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2017-12-17 06:51:38

That hand with the sword made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. :P
The game might not be done yet but it's certainly got charm. haha


2017-12-17 11:20:58

My stupid Clocker foe was never used for anything.


2017-12-17 18:01:26

It all looks really nice and I already want to play it. Plus I'm sure you'll have more of that awesome music from @Phyrnna

By the way, I've used you two in examples before when having conversations with other people about Flash games and web games just in general. I mention that you're one of the best at making Flash games (best graphics, best stories, best gameplay) paired with one of the best at making music @Phyrnna and it just makes such an excellent combination!

I've also used you (@matt-likes-swords, not @Phyrnna) as proof of why the Newgrounds whistle system is so broken. Here you have non-contributing doofuses with gold or deity whistles, and meanwhile actually intelligent and extremely important contributors have garbage whistle. (And then most everyone else with just normal whistle)


2018-01-02 07:40:10

matt you are cool as allways ,¿ can you some day in some game include a magic combination system like the one in breath of fire 4? , and a sword like in the anime black clober that reflect magick by using a skill with it


2018-01-12 21:27:13

This is beauty to my eyes