Entry #237

Gifs of the EBF5 World

2017-11-22 09:40:55 by matt-likes-swords

Here's some gifs!
The world map is more than half done now, so I've got some scenes to show off.
I'll finish this game someday, I swear.



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2017-11-22 14:38:53

WOW 0o0
Just... WOWOWOW!
I played all your EBF parts from first to fourth, and we all see how you iprove all your skills of creating.
And i want to say- BRAVO! BRAVO MAESTRO!


2017-11-22 15:46:00

im gonna go beat all of your other games hopefully youll finish it when im done


2017-11-22 16:37:33

Simply eye candy to look at. Hope your game development goes smoothly.


2017-11-24 09:21:39

This looks good! The sunbeams look really neat, gives a nice touch to the atmosphere. Won't just be a good game, will be good-looking, too ^^'