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More EBF5 footage and Discord server!

2017-05-07 06:30:52 by matt-likes-swords

I haven't made a huge amount of progress on EBF5 lately, mostly I'm just doing debugging and getting distracted by nice weather. I did make a few more videos of gameplay though, so check out my YouTube channel if you're interested in previews. I made a Discord server for EBF fans, so check it out if you want to chat with us. It's been quite active so far, with lots of people posting fanart and asking me questions.

I also posted some EBF5 code samples, for anyone who's interested in that kind of stuff.



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2017-05-07 07:08:49

I wonder why im still playing those games over 3 YEARS?!


2017-05-07 18:20:42

Lol i play all 4 EBF but this animation garphics is not real like all EBF before


2017-05-08 11:55:21

Yeah Matt! I'm playing since the first EBF! You are awesome! xD


2017-05-09 05:25:50

I wish i was distracted by nice weather a bit more, but i seem to perfectly ignore it most of the time x/
Can't blame ya for doing what's right. That's more than a good enough reason to have patience. Enjoy da weather while it's good, it's good for nobody if you get ill and can't work later.


2017-05-22 04:15:04

I watched your Designing Enemies video but I'm posting here since it's more likely you'll see it, so what you were talking about giving the player hints about enemy resistances depending on their looks, animation and colors.. I wonder:

Have you ever thought about hiding their actual stats, or giving the player an option of hardcore mode to not be able to see exact stats? The reason for this is, that ever since of addition of scanbot, over time, the battles have become somewhat of a repetitive chore:

1) scan enemy / check stats
2) switch to best counter equipment
3) find next encounter, repeat from step 1

Sure, you probably don't have to go min maxing every single time but some players like me just can't help it. It was constant equipment switching in EBF4 that kind of burned me out a bit since I spent a lot of time in the menus trying to be optimal (which wasn't absolutely required).

If we would not have the option to scan enemies and that convenient popup helper it would promote a lot more discovery and experimentation. The scanbot really trivialised encounters into equipment counter minigame, instead of trying to work with what you had and trying some workarounds (like in EBF1 and 2, I don't think there was any scanbot).

It's just a thought, sure you could not scan the enemies but that's just something you can't ignore. Having a hardcore option forcing you to discover things by yourself and promoting a more balanced approach would quite a nice addition. By not knowing everything it would give a bit more of an immersive mistery feel, and less of a logic problem feel to the game (ignorance can be a bliss).

Can't wait for EBF5!

matt-likes-swords responds:

I kind of agree.
I might make optional challenge runs, and no-scan could be option. Maybe.