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Entry #132


8/27/12 by matt-likes-swords

73/110 map screens done...



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It would be cool if this place had like DKC - Fear factory theme, but little bit remixed.
A nice reference to a nice old school game.

Newgrounds, let us edit comments!
I looked at your deviantart stuff, this looks like the only tile-heavy area so far, nevermind.

Erm, apparently you can't edit comments, so I'll just make another. It looks like you're copy/pasting tiles now, I don't think you did that with EBF3. Kind of disappointing, honestly. :(

I hope replaying EBF3 on epic difficulty keeps me entertained long enough for this to come out. D:

More details :>

cool,hey matt cant you add goku in the game again?or atleast vegetto?he is very cool

It looks like a puzzle on that screen shot. By the looks of it the wires that connect need to feed power to all the monitors? I'm excited for EBF4, I hope it comes out soon



i want to play so bad!! btw when do u think the game will be out?



They game seems like its gonna take me 50 hours to beat... CANT WAIT!!! but still take your time making this game!

Do I sense a comeback of the first EBF metal mech boss



This is gonna be a great game, just from the epicness of these maps. It would be an insult not to play it on Epic mode :P



You're really speeding through this... hope you're having fun.

can't wait for game make the toughest boss ever and make it epic including the upgrades

love your work u are awesome your artwork is very professional and this game is from what ive seen your biggest project yet keep up the great work kupo/matt.



lookin sweeter and sweeter every time i see a post. gettin more anxious every day. great job. as usual keep up the great work!

Looks pretty damn awesome.

Give It to me! I want to play it! :D
Can´t wait for the game i know it will be awesome.



want to play it!!!

its beautiful, can't wait to see it!!!

Alright, nice to see progress on EBF4!!
Love the series!

Awesome Sauce! EBF 4 Is about half done?
Second btw!



Woo! Can't wait! :D