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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 - Foe Competition

2011-01-02 17:22:22 by matt-likes-swords

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is still ages away, but I thought that I'd announce this now to give everyone plenty of time.

When developing Epic Battle Fantasy 3, I asked fans to send in drawings of foes which they wanted to see in the game. Quite a few eventually made it in, here's some of the winners:

Fire Elemental

So basically I'm going to do the same thing again.
The franchise seems to have gotten a lot more attention since the last competition, so this should be even more interesting.


Drawings must be your own work.

Drawings must be original, for example, not recolored Sonic or Pokemon.

I don't mind if it's drawn traditionally or digitally.
I'll need at least one colored picture though.

It's gotta be RPG-ish. Whatever that means.

They must be work-safe. It can't be a giant penis. Uh..

It must not be human.
Preferably not very human-like at all.
Mainly because of....

They must be easy to motion tween.
This means they will be animated by just moving parts around and not redrawing anything.
So they shouldn't have too many movable parts. (Humans and spiders etc would require lots of parts).
Hell if it only has one moving part (for example, it's a rock), I won't complain.
Of course, if your foe is good enough to become a boss, I'll put in more effort.

Think of some attacks and properties for them.
Not really essential because I'll probably change a lot of them to fit the game.

Possibly think of several varieties so I can recycle the animations for several foes. For example an ice version and a fire version.

They should be different from existing foe types.
For example: No more turtles, or slimes etc.
Unless you want it to be a re-skin of an older foe, which is okay, but it'll have to be pretty much exactly the same shape.
In fact doing a re-skin of an existing foe would probably increase your chances of winning since it's less effort for me to implement.


Please post your drawing on DeviantArt or on the game's FaceBook page ( ttle-Fantasy-3/121491377896263), otherwise it will be hard for me to keep track of them.

Submissions from the previous competition will also be considered again.

You can send in as many foes as you want.


Millions of people will see your foe.
You'll get a brief mention in the game's art gallery, and probably have your original drawing included as well, if there's enough space.


Competition will end after at least 4 months. Probably much longer.
Winners probably won't start being picked any earlier than that.

Picture unrelated.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 - Foe Competition


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2013-03-01 07:25:16

oh yeah im have idea why you not add boss called dopellganger so this boss can mimic ALL your skill,sword,armor,hat even other party member.sound cool for me descision on yours but there is skill they CANNOT mimic this list
Matt :nolegs,drain,meowmeow,items command,unleash and the limit break attack
natalie: unleash,disspell,limit break,heal,healmore,unleash
Lance: limit break,unleash
this is all to beat them buff your team first biggest thank when accepted


2013-02-15 23:04:23

im want follow too but im really cant draw one foes


2012-12-02 03:49:01

Remember those self-killing-explosive-fire bits?You could make them look like creepers from Minecraft in the next part!Not excatly like creepers, but alike.It would make sense.

(signed by huge fan!)


2012-09-13 19:57:56



2012-08-14 23:15:23

hurry with that game ive waited for 6 months HURRY


2012-08-14 23:12:59

Dude you really need to hurry up i've been waiting for 6 months now HURRY


2012-06-18 07:25:04

Matt how about u add a vampire monster which regens life after attacking u or something :D


2012-04-20 16:19:10

Please see my pictures are good but some have no color


2012-04-17 16:15:39

how about a twoheaded griffen for an wind boss


2012-04-14 16:45:22

This still going on?


2012-01-20 20:29:45

hi, i just noticed the LONG list of comments, and i know that there are a lot of these comments already, but can i beta test? I am great at finding glitches, and am good at describing them. However, i cannot fix any glitches by hand, or mess with any sort of code to create glitches. However, i can give an educated guess on what caused the glitch, but the guess will be based off of some knowledge on how computers work, and mostly just observations about how the computer works, just based on what's on the monitor, so it may or may not be accurate.
thanks for considering my offer, and I hope that the new epic battle fantasy game comes out soon!


2012-01-20 20:23:04

wait... who's the new chick?


2011-12-11 12:08:44

Well, I would give afew pics if I had a scanner but Since I don't I'll just say it, try using a dargon that Just opens it's mouth and claws at you with an arm(Not many movable parts) Cyclops and a 'Nightmare' wouldn't be to bad to add either. I think, haveing the weapons evolve or something would be pretty epic, but that might just be me.


2011-11-10 13:36:50

I would absolutely love to beta test and give ideas but as I am rather rubbish at drawing I will just give the following ideas and hopefully someone can turn them into an enemy.
It would be in the varieties of dark, light, water and fire
It would have a high-ish health
It would be quite cute
It would have a large attack like a giant hug or something that causes a status effect called love which forces the character to attack your own party for a tenth of the standard damage and a regen which heals about a seventh of its total health as well as a few weak attacks like blinding smile and happy face hit.
It would be the colour of the element it was plus some red or pink.
It would have cute animations and its attacks would mainly be pink and red in colour.
That's it. I hope I get to beta test and I certainly hope at least a few of these ideas make it into the game!
Kind regards


2011-11-04 21:38:00

Can i beta test? (Idk what beta test means if its drawing then Im not gonna beta test)

Im a fan of your Epic battle fantasy games!


2011-10-20 15:02:53

yo matt can we do weapon ideas?



2011-10-17 20:39:36

you should add that forest girl she looks like a good team mate this game could use an archer!


2011-09-19 16:32:51

Could i beta test? :D


2011-09-15 16:09:11

hey.. 2 things 1 can i please beta test? and 2 i have ideas for enemys but i dont have facebook, anyway i can get them too you?


2011-08-24 03:10:15

Just a question;
When will we know if we can beta test? Will there be a competition?
I would be very grateful if you could answer this.


2011-08-14 17:51:28

Your so awesome. And plus I can wait til' EBF4


2011-08-04 23:37:36

hey matt, i'm in the same boat as many other's here if you would let me i'd gladly do beta testing for EBF4.


2011-06-27 16:48:08

hey mat can i contribute anything other than art? i can do effects sounds music ..well yeah sound bascicly


2011-06-21 02:25:25

I did design cool weapons, cool bosses, and enemies. I have a request, I design some characters who are Meow Meow's allies on my folder with moves, rivals, enemies, and even limit breaks and I even added no legs should you make a new game about these animal heroes or add them to the game and let Anna summon them with her flute? it is your choice not mine.


2011-06-20 23:47:04

Why not do a Vash alteration on the gun slinger bots? Sort of an end of game enemy that's really the same as any other gun slinger save for one thing... Much higher accuracy and evasion. Most of you are thinking that higher acc and eva aren't much, but they're deadly on an enemy with a OHKO move that typically misses. Especially if he starts spamming it in epic mode. >_<'


2011-06-13 08:24:41

Hey,could I beta test? I'm bored with nothing to do anyway.Just send me a message at with an attachment on it,just make the subject Need you to beta test ok? If you could do this I would be grateful.


2011-06-10 13:23:24

And oh yeah-someone put some spam up called Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Get a rally to have it blammed-they even put Spam as the genre.


2011-06-10 13:22:12

I absolutely SUCK at art. If you want some stick figures I can probably help out-past that, just ignore me.
Beta testing on the other hand, I can probably help a lot at. I got bored of EBF3 because I could kill Akron on Epic difficulty in 2 minutes.....and I suck at bullet hells but I found 3.3 fun...but I digress. Just tell me where to sign up for beta testing-I'll put my name down twice if it's alright.


2011-06-01 21:28:01

How bout an idea for a few minibosses that battle you many times?


2011-05-08 19:17:59

Matt, I would try to help you in any way if you ask for help from me.I am a good Beta Tester and my Cousin teaches me stuff about Animation, Beta Testing, Etc. (He's 20) so if you need any help just PM me or Reply, I am almost always Online on Newgrounds.


2011-05-01 09:47:26

im not a good artist but could i mabye beta test if i could that would be awesome :3
keep lance in the 4th one cause hes my fav. btw luv all the walrus faces u put in the third one keep up the amazing work


2011-04-29 23:54:24 m/#/d3f7l96

they do kinda suck but i was hoping you could work your magic on them and up their stats lol. love your work!!


2011-04-28 21:05:43

Hopefully you pick this as a boss, as I intended for it to be ^^"


2011-04-19 03:23:13

How about a floating gun or sword? Or is that too simple?


2011-04-11 21:11:25

hey matt when time comes may i please beta test?


2011-04-06 05:34:57

hey matt even though this is a foe art compition can we draw weapons like
swords, staffs, guns just wondering?


2011-04-05 09:46:53

btw where did the Anna girl come from in bullet haven ? when did u make here. she wasnt in EBF 3


2011-04-05 09:45:26

Can u make multiplayer in EBF 4 if u make it. I am crap at drawing:( is there something i could help with like beta testing i would appreciate it :)


2011-04-03 01:02:48

my drawings are reaching their finishing touches should be in a link soon
also when is the game playable?


2011-03-09 11:50:51

Hey Mat, Can i beta test to? :3


2011-02-27 01:59:35

im making more now (mwa ha ha ha ) anyway sooo yeah ill get back to you


2011-02-25 22:02:46

Why dont you see if you can make epic battle fantasies 1,2,3 and 4 into a ds game. i would totally buy it


2011-02-25 01:42:20

oh yeah dont forget to click on images to ENNNNNNLAAARRRRRGGGE


2011-02-25 01:37:10

here they are this is the link i used my mums web to maken a link because i dont
have a site that makes links
http://secret-womens-space.blogspot.c om/2011/02/matthews-epic-battle-fanta sy-pictures.html


2011-02-25 00:20:59

ok my foes are done ill send them in ASAP


2011-02-24 22:22:51

I Can't Wait For Epic Battle Fantasy 4! Your Epic Battle Fantasy is One Of The Best online Flash Games That I Have Played Are You Gonna Add The Mage Dog Too?


2011-02-20 00:02:21

i've drawn a bunch of enemys but havent finished all of them ill send them in when
im done.


2011-02-02 10:11:50

I want to help,I reeealy want to help you,if you want me to test anything,just PM me,Im always prepared!

btw you can send beta tests on Email at or you can just post it on newgrounds so evryone can try it!Il sent an Email back with raport!